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This is a simple list of Aderidae (Anobbinae and Ptiniinae) types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype

Aseutotheca obsoleta White 1973: 1HT 3PT
Aseutotheca unistrata White 1973: 1HT
Bruchus Cyphoderes schlerethi Reitter 1883: 2PT
Byrrhus Hadrobregmus ruber Reitter 1897: 1HT 2PT
Caenocara ghanensis Español 1977: 1HT
Caenocara humeralis White 1973: 1HT 7PT
Caenocara indica Español 1977 : 1HT
Calymmaderus tristriatus White 1973: 1HT
Chondrotheca granulata White 1973: 1HT
Dorcatoma lomniczkyi Reitter 1903: 1LT 1PLT
Dorcatoma sibirica Reitter 1879: 1HT
Ernobius oculius I. Toskina 2001: 1HT
Fatsogastrallus curtus I. Toskina 2002: 1HT
Gastrallus erdosi I. Toskina 2001: 1HT 1PT
Gastrallus indicus Reitter 1913: 1HT
Gastrallus rollei Reitter 1912: 1HT 1PT
Gastrallus unistriatus Zoufal : 1897: 1PT
Hedobia belia Reitter 1898: 1HT
Hedobia magnifica Reitter 1880: 1PT
Hedobia pubescens var. unicolor Reitter 1898: 1HT 1PT
Lasioderma babadjanidesi Reitter 1913: 1HT 2PT
Lasioderma brevis Reitter 1891: 1HT 2PT
Lasioderma bubalis ssp. phelipaearum Peyerimhoff 1926: 2PT
Lasioderma endrodyyoungai Español 1977: 1HT 1PT
Lasioderma Lasioderma mulsanti var. chobauti Reitter 1902: 2PT
Lasioderma Lasioderma turkestanicum Reitter 1902: 1HT 2PT
Lasioderma pulverulenta Reitter 1877: 1HT
Lasioderma punctulatum Reitter 1884: 1HT 5PT
Lasioderma semirufulum Reitter 1897: 1HT 1PT
Lasioderma szunyoghy Español 1977: 1HT 10PT
Mesocoelopus sydowi Reitter 1913: 1HT
Mesothes granulatus Reitter 1909: 1HT
Mizodorcatoma densepunctata Español 1977: 1HT
Ochina bicolor Csiki 1903: 1MT
Petalium endrody-youngai Español 1967: 1HT
Petalium indicum Español 1977: 1HT 2PT
Petalium kaszabi Español 1977: 1HT 3PT
Priobium dendrobiiforme Reitter 1901: 1HT 1PT
Ptilinus bernhaueri Reitter 1916: 1MT
Ptilinus bituberculatus Pic  1956: 1HT
Ptilinus fissicollis Reitter 1876: 1MT
Ptilinus marmoratus Reitter 1877: 1HT
Ptilinus punctato-striatus Faust 1877: 1PT
Ptinus hungaricus Khnzorian et Karapetyen 1985: 1HT
Rhamna bremeri Español 1977: 2PT
Rhamna obscura Español 1977: 1HT 2PT
Stagetus laticornis Español 1977: 1HT 15PT
Stagetus pusillus Español 1977: 1HT 3PT
Theca biroi Pic  1956: 1MT
Theca bironia Pic  1956: 1MT
Theca dorcatomoides Reitter 1884: 1HT
Theca puncticollis Reitter 1884: 1HT
Theca sardoa Reitter 1915: 1HT
Theca simbangana Pic  1956: 1MT
Theca xyletina Reitter 1889: 1HT
Trichodesma multifasciculata Pic  1956: 1MT
Tricorynus chilensis White 1973: 1HT 15PT
Trypopithys dendrobiformis Reitter 1901: 1HT 1PT
Xestobium subaeneum Reitter 1897: 1HT
Xestobium subincanum Reitter 1877: 1HT 1AT
Xyletinus Calyplerus chinensis J. Frivaldszkyi 1892: 1MT
Xyletinus flavipes var. fulvicollis Reitter 1890: 1HT 2PT
Xyletinus kaszabi Español 1967: 1HT
Xyletinus moraviensis Gottwald 1977: 7PT
Xyletinus thoracicus E. Frivaldszky 1835: 1HT 1PT
Xyletinus Xeronthobius ocularis Reitter 1902: 1HT
Xylotheca meieri Reitter 1897 : 1HT

Anobiidae: Ptiniinae
Bruchoptinus ivanensis Reitter 1902: 1HT
Bruchus Bruchoptinus femoralis Reitter 1884: 1HT 6PT
Bruchus Bruchoptinus perplexus Reitter 1884: 1HT 3PT
Bruchus Bruchoptinus villiger Reitter 1884: 1HT 1PT
Bruchus ellipticus Reitter 1894: 1HT 1PT
Bruchus ellipticus Reitter 1894: 1PT
Bruchus Eutaphrus damascenus Reitter 1884: 1HT
Bruchus Eutaphrus frivaldszkyi Reitter 1883: 1HT 2PT
Bruchus Eutaphrus ganglbaueri Reitter 1884: 1PT
Bruchus Eutaphrus globipennis Reitter 1884: 1HT 5PT
Bruchus Gynopterus desertor Reitter 1896: 1HT 13PT
Bruchus Heteroplus kiesenwetteri Reitter 1884: 3PT
Bruchus Heteroplus tarsalis Reitter 1884: 1HT 2PT
Bruchus Heteroptinus calcaripes Reitter 1888: 1HT 5PT
Bruchus Pseudoptinus subaeneus Reitter 1884: 1HT
Bruchus Pseudoptinus tauricus Reitter 1884: 1HT 2PT
Bruchus Ptinus meisteri Reitter 1884: 1HT 1AT
Bruchus villiger Reitter 1884: 6PT
Eurostoptinus algericus Pic 1895: 1PT
Eurostus cylindricornis Reitter 1904: 1MT
Eurostus kutcschenbachi Reitter 1878: 1HT
Eutaphrus fulvofirtus Reitter 1891: 1HT
Mesocoelopus bremeri Español 1979: 2PT
Nicobium auroguttatum Reitter 1908: 1MT
Niptus hilleri Reitter 1877: 1HT
Niptus Niptodes nobilis Reitter 1884: 1HT
Niptus Pseudoniptus globipennis Reitter 1884: 1HT
Niptus Pseudoniptus ovipennis Reitter 1884: 1HT
Pseudoptinus austriacus Reitter 1890: 2PT
Ptinus bescidicus Reitter 1906:  1AT
Ptinus bescidicus Reitter 1906: 1HT
Ptinus biroi Pic 1956: 1MT
Ptinus brevipilis Desbrochers 1875: 1HT
Ptinus circassicus Pic 1900:  1AT
Ptinus creticus Khnzorian et Karapetyen 1985: 1HT
Ptinus dauricus Reitter 1906: 1HT 11PT
Ptinus Eutaphrus canaliculatus Reitter 1884: 1HT 5PT
Ptinus glyppus Reitter 1906: 1MT
Ptinus japonicus Reitter 1877: 1HT 1PT
Ptinus kaszabi Pic 1956: 1MT
Ptinus moroderi Reitter 1906: 1HT 1PT
Ptinus podolicus Khnzorian 1985: 7PT 1AT
Ptinus Pseudoptinus longipilis Pic 1896: 4PT
Ptinus quercus Kiesenwetter 1867: 2PT
Ptinus reitteri Pic 1894: 2PT
Ptinus siculus Kiesenwetter 1877: 1PT
Ptinus swaneticus Reitter 1906: 1MT
Sulcoptinus reunioneusis X. Bellés: 1988 1PT
Sundaptinus tamil X. Bellés 1990: 1HT

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