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This is a simple list of Apionidae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype

Apion (Catapion) dudichi Gyõrffy, 1924: 1HT
Apion (Ceratapion) austriacum Wagner, 1904: 1PT
Apion (Ceratapion) dalmatinum Gyõrffy, 1923: 1HT
Apion (Eutrichapion) punctirostrel var. araxellum Reitter, 1916: 1LT
Apion (Exapion) laufferi ssp. paganetti Wagner, 1914: 3PT
Apion (Exapion) winkleri Wagner, 1912: 1PT
Apion (Onycaphion) pumilio Desbrochers, 1894: 7PT
Apion (Phrissotrichium) leonhardti Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 3PT
Apion (Taeniapion) rufulum var. rolphi Wagner, 1912: 6PT
Apion acanthyllidis Normand, 1921: 1PT
Apion acarinum Sharp, 1889: 2PT
Apion afghanum Voss, 1963: 9PT
Apion arragonicum Everts, 1884: 1HT
Apion aruschaense Voss, 1961: 1HT, 1AT
Apion auctum Sharp, 1889: 2PT
Apion auletoides Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Apion auletoides Reitter, 1901: 1PT
Apion batnense Desbrochers, 1895: 2PT
Apion brenskei Desbrochers, 1895: 1PT
Apion calligonicola Khnzorian, XXXX: 2PT
Apion carduorum var. kenedii: Bokor, 1923: 1LT
Apion corsicum Desbrochers, 1888: 2PT
Apion cretaceum ssp. Torre-Tassoi Schatzmayer, XXXX: 2PT
Apion cyanellum Desbrochers,1896: 1HT
Apion cylindricum Desbrochers, 1896: 1PT
Apion cylindronotum Ter-Minassian, 1971: 1HT, 3PT
Apion dentirostris Ter-Minassian, 1971: 1HT, 34PT
Apion fuscirostre ssp. flachi Wagner, 1906: 1PT
Apion galactidis Wencker, 1858: 1PT
Apion henschi Reitter, 1901: 1HT
Apion heydeni Wencker, 1863: 4PT
Apion horvathi Schilsky, 1901: 1HT
Apion jordanianum Voss, 1965: 8PT
Apion korotyaevi Schön, XXXX: 2PT
Apion lederi Kirsch, 1879: 1HT, 3PT
Apion nodicorne Sharp, 1889: 2PT
Apion notatum Wagner, 1912: 1PT
Apion obtusiusculum Desbrochers, 1896: 1PT
Apion pacificum Sharp, 1889: 3PT
Apion parcior Voss, 1965: 1PT
Apion plicatum Faust, 1887: 1PT
Apion relictum Sharp, 1889: 1PT
Apion robusticorne var. insolitum Desbrochers, 1866: 1PT
Apion sicardi Desbrochers, 1893: 1PT
Apion spathula Desbrochers, 1893: 4PT
Apion spretissimum Sharp, 1889: 2PT
Apion subaequalium Voss, 1967: 1HT, 3PT
Apion subauratum Sharp, 1889: 2PT
Apion subparallelum Desbrochers, 1888: 1PT
Apion subrecticolle Voss, 1961: 1HT, 1AT
Apion talassicus Bajtenov, XXXX: 2PT
Apion tissoni Wagner, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Apion tunicense Desbrochers, 1895: 9PT
Apion tunisianum Gyõrffy, XXXX: 1T
Apion vinosum Sharp, 1899: 1PT
Apion virens  var. coeleste Schilsky, 1906: 1PT
Apion Vossi Ter-Minassian, 1971: 1HT
Apion woerzi Wagner, 1904: 1PT
Apion zikani Heller, 1922: 5PT
Apiotherium kaszabi Voss, 1967: 1HT, 1AT, 48PT
Apiotherium nanophioides Gyõrffy, XXXX: 1HT
Aspidapion grisescens Korotyaev, 1985: 3PT
Aspidapion medvedevi Korotyaev, 1985: 3PT
Aspidapion topali Korotyaev, 1985: 3PT
Conapion (Piezoconapion) oxystoma Korotyaev, 1990: 1HT
Conapion schiratiense Voss, 1961: 1HT, 1AT, 6PT
Conapion vallestre Voss, 1961: 1HT, 1AT
Flavopodapion omissum Korotyaev, 1985: 1HT, 41PT
Piezotrachelus csikii Voss, 1961: 1HT, 1AT
Piezotrachelus ererense Voss, 1961: 1LT, 2PLT, 2PT
Piezotrachelus kovacsi Voss, 1961: 1HT, 1AT
Piezotrachelus maraquoensis Gyõrffy, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Piezotrachelus particeps Wagner, 1909: 1PT
Piezotrachelus pruinosum Voss, 1961: 1HT, AT, 2PT
Piezotrachelus tenuicornis Korotyaev, XXXX: 1PT
Pseudoconapion koreanum Korotyaev, 1987: 5PT
Pseudopiezotrachelus subtilirostris Korotyaev, 1985: 2PT
Trichoconapion hirticorne Korotyaev, 1985: 3PT

Squamapion terrasanctae Friedman & Freidberg, 2007
Perapion eretzisraeli Friedman & Freidberg, XXXX

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