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This is a simple list of Attelabidae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype

Apoderus cinctipennis Voss, XXXX: 12PT
Apoderus ludyi Reitter, 1890: 1LT, 1PLT
Apoderus tuberculimerus opaca Voss, XXXX: 12PT
Apoderus tuberculimerus subopaca Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Apoderus tuberculimerus Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Attelabus (Lamprolabus) bihastatus Frivaldszky,1892: 1HT
Attelabus nitens ab. fascicollis Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Attelabus nitens ab. rubicolis Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Cyanallapoderus congoanus Legalov, 2007: 1HT
Cycnotrachelus fukiensis Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Euops femoralis ab. ruficornis Voss, 1955: 1HT
Euops kukukuku Riedel, 2000: 1PT
Euops testaceus Voss, XXXX: 1HT
Euscelus bondari Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Euscelus spiniger ssp. romani Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Heterapoderops sakoensis Legalov, 2007: 1HT
Omolabus bowringi Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Omolabus plaumanni Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Xestolabus centomyrciae Voss, 1925: 1PT

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