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This is a simple list of Curculionidae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype

(not listed
Carpathian Basin species)

Acalles brisouti Reitter, 1885: 1HT, 16PT
Acalles caucasicus Reitter, 1891: 1LT, 4PLT, 21PT
Acalles creticus Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Acalles globulus Meyer, 1896: 2ST, 2PT
Acalles henoni Bedel, 1888: 2PT
Acalles horridulus Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 3PLT
Acalles lederi Meyer, 1896: 1HT
Acalles merkli Meyer, 1896: 3PT
Acalles milleri Reitter, 1883: 1HT, 7PT
Acalles paulmeyeri Reitter, 1901: 1LT
Acalles reitteri Meyer, 1896: 6ST, 10PT
Acalles saccoi Colonnelli, 1973: 1PT
Acalyptus caucasica Reitter, 1900: 1HT, 1PT
Adorytomus anoploides Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Alaocyba elongatula Normand, 1914: 5PT
Alexiola kaldzhirica Suvorov, 1912: 1PT
Alexiola uncipes Zaslavsky, XXXX: 1PT
Alophus austriacus Otto, 1894: 1T
Alophus hebraeus Stierlin, 1888: 2PT
Alophus hilfi Reitter var. apfelbecki Reitter, 1901: 1MT
Alophus hilfi Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 2PT
Alophus kaufmanni var. puncticollis Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 4PT
Alophus kaufmanni var. sequensi Reitter, 1901: 1HT
Alophus obsoletus Reitter, 1894: 1HT, 11PT
Alophus rhodopensis Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 8PT
Alophus solarii Smreczyński, XXXX: 1HT
Alophus squamiventris Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 3PT
Alophus stierlini Reitter, 1885: 1MT
Alophus triguttatus var. uniformis Reitter, 1894: 1HT, 1PT
Alophus vau var. haliciensis Reitter, 1894: 1HT, 7PT
Altonomus rahmei Borovec, 2007: 1HT, 1PT
Amalus latibasis Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Amaurorrhinus caoduroi Osella, 1984: 1PT
Amaurorrhinus constrictus Reitter, 1884: 1MT
Amesostylus amudarjensis Arnoldi, XXXX: 1PT
Amicromias euxinus Yunakov & Korotyaev, 2005: 1PT
Amicromias fodori Yunakov, 2005: 1HT
Amicromias intermedius Yunakov, 2005: 1PT
Amomphus anatolicus Colonnelli, 1977: 1PT
Amomphus setulifer Reitter, 1890: 1LT
Anoplus setulosus var. caucasicus Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 3PT
Anthonomus commutatus Dieckmann, XXXX: 2PT
Anthonomus cribratellus Reitter, XXXX: 1HT
Anthonomus curtus Faust, 1882: 1PT
Anthonomus dilutus Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 6PT
Anthonomus interpositus Voss, 1953: 1PT
Anthonomus subchalybaeus Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Aparopion aequale Reitter, 1883: 1HT, 1PT
Aparopion suturidens Reitter, 1891: 1HT
Aphyllura brenskei Reitter, 1884: 1MT
Aplesilus ruginodis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Arammichnus larinoides Reitter,1896: 1HT
Argoptochus moraveci Borovec, 2003: 1HT
Argoptochus voriseki Borovec, 1998: 9PT
Arthrostenus dilatatus Reitter, 1932: 1HT, 3PT
Asemus subpilosus Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 9PT
Astyphlus gracilitarsis Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Atyraeus oertzeni Reitter, 1885: 1HT, 1PT
Aubeonymus granicollis Reitter, 1883: 1LT, 3PT
Bagous brevipennis Kirsch, 1878: 1PLT
Bagous fausti Schilsky, 1907: 1HT, 1PT
Bagous meregallii Caldara & O'Brian, 1995: AT
Bagous minutissimus Faust, 1887: 1PT
Bagous subruber Reitter, 1890: 1LT, 1PLT
Bagous subruber Reitter, 1890: 1LT, 1PLT
Balaninus longipennis Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Bangasternus araxis Reitter, 1895: 5ST
Baris albopicta Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Baris alboseriata Reitter, 1808: 1HT, 3PT
Baris araxicola Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Baris brisouti Faust, 1882: 2PT
Baris clandestina Faust, 1887: 1PT
Baris despicata Faust, 1889: 1HT, 2PT
Baris dispilota var. chinensis Frivaldszky, 1892: 1HT
Baris edmundi Korotyaev, 1988: 1HT
Baris elevata Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Baris goekseli Korotyaev & Gültekin, 2003: 2PT
Baris gudenusi Schultze, 1901: 1PT
Baris nivalis: Brisout, 1870: 1PT
Baris paramoena Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Baris perdurus Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Baris perlucida Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 2PT
Baris purpurea Reitter, 1906: 1HT
Baris raisae Korotyaev, XXXX: 1PT
Baris reinii Roelofs, 1879: 1PT
Baris rugulipennis Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Baris semiopaca Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Baris semistriatus Boheman var. hochhuthi Faust, 1882: 1PT
Baris subferruginea Reitter, 1910: 1HT, 2PT
Baris subtilina Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Baris suvorovi Reitter, 1910: 1HT, 1PT
Barypeithes albinae Formánek, 1903: 7PLT
Barypeithes bosnicus Apfelbeck,1899: 22PLT
Barypeithes noesskei Apfelbeck,1911: ALT, 1PLT
Barypeithes styriacus Seidlitz, 1868: 3PLT
Barypeithes vallestris Hampe, 1870: 6PLT
Bodemeyeria plicatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Bothynoderes armeniacus Faust, 1884: 1PT
Bothynoderes austriacus Reitter, 1905: 1MT
Bothynoderes crotchi var. napoleonis Reitter, 1905: 1HT, 7PT
Bothynoderes emgei Stierlin, 1890: 1PT
Bothynoderes partitus Faust, 1885: 2PT
Brachyderes reitteri Stierlin, 1885: 1HT, 4PT
Brachyrrhinus kaci Peyerimhoff, 1908: 2PT
Brachyrrhinus oberti Faust, 1886: 2PT
Brachysomus rokosensis Benedikt, 2000: 1PT
Brachysomus styriacus Formánek, 1905: 1LT, 2PLT
Brachysomus sulcatus Yunakov, 1999: 1PT
Brachysomus zellichi Formánek, 1907: 2PT
Bradybatus carbonarius var. apicalis Pic, 1902: 2PLT
Bradybatus kellneri var. rufipennis Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 4PT
Caenopis pici Desbrochers, 1896: 1PT
Catapionus calvus Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Catapionus duplex Formánek, 1913: 1HT
Cathormiocerus attaphilus Ch. Brisout, 1880: 1PT
Cathormiocerus densestriatus Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 2PT
Cathormiocerus fuentei Desbrochers, 1896: 18PT
Cathormiocerus marqueti Desbrochers, 1875: 5PT
Cathormiocerus reitteri Stierlin, 1885: 1HT
Catopionus chrysochloris Ballion, 1878: 4PT
Catopionus kraatzi Faust, 1883: 1PT
Caulomorphus besucheti Osella, 1968: 1PT
Caulomorphus mülleri Reitter, 1911: 1HT, 2PT
Caulomorphus talyschensis Reitter, 1897: 1HT, 3PT
Ceutorhynchus abchasicus ssp. tyli Roubal, 1913: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus algiricus Ch. Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus alliariae H. Brisout, 1860: 5PT
Ceutorhynchus altaicus Schultze, 1898: 1HT, AT
Ceutorhynchus aper Bedel, 1893: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus attilai Korotyaev, 1997: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus caucasicus Kirsch, 1879: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus cognatus Schultze, 1897: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus duvali Ch. Brisout, 1869: 3PT
Ceutorhynchus elegantulus var. gracilis Schultze, 1902: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus fabrilis Faust, 1887: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus flavitarsis Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 1PT
Ceutorhynchus frontalis Ch. Brisout, 1869: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus fulvitarsis H. Brisout, 1860: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus gammeli Hajóss, 1929: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus gobanzi Reitter, 1891: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus granulithorax Schultze, 1900: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus grenieri H. Brisout, 1860: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus hampei Ch Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus intersetosus Weise, 1883: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus levantinus Schultze, 1898: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus lukesi Tyl, 1914: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus mendicus Reitter, 1896: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus mesasiaticus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus obesulus Weise, 1883: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus pandellei Ch. Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus parvulus Ch. Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus plastus Faust, 1889: 1HT
Ceuthorrhynchus podlussanyi Colonelli, 1999: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus polystriatus Schultze, 1898: 1PT , ST
Ceutorhynchus punctiger var. stredae Hajóss, 1929: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus sanguinipes Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus schönherri Ch. Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus scrobicollis: Neresheimer & Wagner, 1924: 6PT
Ceutorhynchus squamulosus Ch. Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus substellaris Reitter, 1896: 1LT, 2PLT, 2PT
Ceutorhynchus thlaspi Ch. Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus timidus Weise, 1883: 1HT
Ceutorhynchus turbatus Schultze, 1903: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus viator Faust, 1885: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus viridipennis Ch. Brisout, 1869: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus wagneri Smreczyński, 1937: 4PT
Ceutorhynchus alliaricola Colonnelli, 1987: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus cardariae Korotyaev, XXXX: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus dauricus Korotyaev, 1997: 4PT
Ceutorhynchus dentatoserratus Reitter, 1900: 1LT
Ceutorhynchus francisci Colonnelli, 1990: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus merkli Korotyaev, XXXX: 2PT
Ceutorhynchus nanoides Colonnelli, 1986: 1PT
Ceutorhynchus oaietani Colonnelli, 1989: 1PT
Ceutorrhynchidius bellus Reitter, 1890: 1LT, 2PLT, 3PT
Ceutorrhynchidius lunatus Reitter, 1890: 1LT
Ceutorrhynchidius lunatus Reitter, 1890: 1PT
Ceutorrhynchidius splendidus: Ch. Brisout, 1889: 3PT
Chilodrosus aleppensis Reitter, 1913: 1MT
Chilodrosus fumosus Reitter, 1913: 1MT
Chilodrosus otiorrhynchoides Reitter, 1913: 1HT, AT, 1PT
Chiloneonasus formaneki Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Chiloneonasus formaneki Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Chiloneus gabrieli Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Chiloneus scythropoides Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 1PT
Chiloneus sitoniformis Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Chilonorhinus sahlbergi Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Chilonorhinus sitonoides Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Chloebius aksuanus Reitter, 1915: 1LT, 9PLT
Chloebius angulirostris Reitter, 1895: 1LT
Chloebius dshungaricus Bajtenov, 1974: 2PT
Chloebius immeritus var. margelanicus Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 11PT
Chloebius juldusanus Reitter, 1915: 1LT
Chloebius koshevnikovi Reitter, 1908: 1HT, 3PT
Chloebius mandschuricus Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Chloebius nasalis Reitter, 1915: 1LT, 6PLT
Chloebius semipilosus Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 11PLT
Chloebius sterbae Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 9PLT
Chloebius steveni var. caucasicum Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 5PT
Chloebius steveni var. sequensi Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 13PT
Chlorophanus anatolicus Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 1PT
Chlorophanus argentatus Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 3PT
Chlorophanus circassicus Reitter,1915: 1HT, 2PT
Chlorophanus circumcinctus var. urifemmoratus Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 2PT
Chlorophanus fumigatus Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Chlorophanus merkli: Holdhaus, 1902: 5PT
Chlorophanus micans ab. inundatus Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 7PT
Chlorophanus peregrinus Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Chlorophanus pilcatirostris Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 2PT
Chlorophanus rubripes Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Chlorophanus tokatensis Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 3PT
Chlorophanus viridis ssp. balcanicus: Behne, 1988: 12PT
Chlorophanus vittatus var. bivittatus Reitter, 1915: 10ST
Chlorophanus voluptificus var. araxicola Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 12PT
Cionus caucasicus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 3PT
Cionus fluviatilis Voss, 1957: 1PT
Cionus fraxini var. obsculus Reitter, 1904: 1HT, 2PT
Cionus galanus Angelov, 1978: 2PT
Cionus ganglbaueri Wingelmüller, 1914: 1PT
Cionus gebleri Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 4PT
Cionus hortulanus var. auriculus Reitter, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Cionus longicolis ssp. montanus Wingelmüller, 1921: 2PT
Cionus merkli Stierlin, 1882: 4PT
Cionus pulverosus var. albopubens Reitter, 1904: 1HT
Cionus pulverosus var. densenotatus Reitter, 1904: 1HT
Cionus schrophulariae var. ferrugatus Reitter, 1904: 1HT, 6PT
Cionus schultzei Reitter, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Cionus subalpinus Reitter, 1904: 4PT
Cionus subsquamosus Reitter, 1897: 1HT
Cionus thaspi var. bipunctatus Reitter, 1904: 5PT
Cionus thaspi var. nigritarsis Reitter, 1904: 1HT, 3PT
Cionus thaspi var. uniformis Reitter, 1904: 1HT
Cionus tissoni Reitter, 1906: 1HT, 2PT
Cleonis raymondi: Perris, 1870: 1PT
Cleonus barbatus Faust, 1887: 1HT, 2PT
Cleonus juoradliowi Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 3PT
Cleonus oryx Reitter, 1897: 1HT, 1PT
Cleonus reitteri Retowsky, 1887: 2PT
Cleopomiarus lobeliae Caldara, 2004: 5PT
Coeliastes rustemi Korotyaev, Gültekin & Colonnelli,2002: ?
Coeliodes reitteri Schultze, 1897: 1HT, 2PT
Coeliodes submontanus Voss, 1957: 1PT
Coeliodes tener Reitter, 1888: 1HT
Coelosthetus fausti Reitter, 1890: 1LT. 3PLT
Coniatrichus euchromus Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Coniatus splendidulus var. griseus Petri, 1901: 1HT, 2PT
Conorhynchus candidulus Faust, 1890: 1PT
Corigetus auliensis Reitter, 1901: 1LT, 5PLT
Corigetus capito Faust, 1885: 1PT
Corigetus cephalotes Faust, 1891: 1PT
Corigetus claviger Faust, 1894: 3PT
Corigetus coniceps Reitter, 1906: 1HT
Corigetus divisus Faust, 1894: 1PT
Corigetus dorsalis Reitter, 1897: 1HT, 2PT
Corigetus exaptus Faust, 1886: 1PT
Corigetus excisangulus Reitter, 1900: 1HT, 1PT
Corigetus heikertingeri Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Corigetus heydeni Faust, 1885: 1PT
Corigetus latevittis Reitter, 1897: 1HT, 3PT
Corigetus rufitarsis Reitter, 1900: 1MT
Corigetus sellatocollis Faust, 1885: 1PT
Corigetus setulifer Reitter, 1902: 1LT, 6PLT
Corigetus sieversi Reitter, 1900: 1HT
Corigetus trepidus Faust, 1885: 2PT
Corigetus trepidus var. mus Reitter, 1900: 1HT, 3PT
Cryphiphorus wankae Reitter, 1909: 1HT, 1PT
Curculio crux-minor Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Curculio distinctissimus Voss, 1958: 1PT
Cycloderes armeniacus Khnzorian, XXXX: 3PT
Cycloderes espanoli Roudier, 1954: 1PT
Cyclomaurus oblitus Desbrochers, 1896: 6PT
Cyclomias ptochoides Pic, 1906: 1PT
Cyclopterus desbrochersi Reitter, 1906: 1HT
Cyphicerus bicolor Formánek, 1916: 1PT
Cyphicerus obliquesignatus Reitter, 1908: 1HT, 4PT
Cyriophthalmus inquinatus Faust, 1887: 1PT
Deracanthus fausti Suvorov, 1910: 2PT
Deracanthus hamifer Suvorov, 1910: 2PT
Deracanthus jacovlevi Suvorov, 1908: 2PT
Deracanthus komarovi Faust, 1891: 2PT
Deracanthus tianshanskyi Suvorov, 1908: 8PT
Derelobus apogaeus Faust, 1890: 5PT
Derelomus nigriceps Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Dichotrachelus dellabeffai Meregalli, 1983: 3PT
Dichotrachelus doderoi ssp. vignai Osella, XXXX: 1PT
Dichotrachelus insubricus Wagner, XXXX: CT
Dichotrachelus kraussi Penecke, 1894: 2PT
Dichotrachelus margaritae Osella, 1967: 2PT
Dichotrachelus valdinazzii Meregalli, 1983: 1PT
Dichotrachelus veldieriensis Osella, 1967: 1PT
Diglossotrox auridorsis Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Dorytomus annae Korotyaev, XXXX: 1PT
Dorytomus armatus Petri, 1902: 2PT
Dorytomus artjuchovi Korotyaev, XXXX: 2PT
Dorytomus dentimanus Reitter, 1894: 1HT, AT, 1PT
Dorytomus flavipes var. subdistans Voss, 1957: 1PT
Dorytomus imbecillus Faust, 1882: 1PT , ST
Dorytomus lapponicus: Sahlberg, 1900: 1PT
Dorytomus ruber Faust, 1895: 1HT, 2PT
Dorytomus rufatus ssp. lonae Zumpt, 1933: 1PT
Dorytomus schönherri Faust, 1883: 1PT
Dorytomus schönherri var. longulus Faust, 1882: 1PT
Dorytomus setosus Zumpt, 1933: 1PT
Dorytomus suvorovi Reitter, 1911: 1HT, 2PT
Echinocnemus confusus Faust, 1887: 1PT
Echinocnemus reitteri: Schilsky, 1907: 1HT
Echinocnemus sieversi Faust, 1884: 4PT
Echinocnemus subaureus Reitter, 1900: 1HT, 1PT
Echinocnemus subcylindricus Reitter,1888: 1HT
Ephimeropus fenestratus Reitter, 1886: 1LT
Ephimeropus flaveolus Reitter, 1889: 1LT
Ephimeropus syriacus Reitter, 1889: 1LT
Epiphanops jucundus Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 12PT
Epipolaeus kricheldorffi Reitter, 1910: 1LT, 1PLT
Ereminarius guyoti Desbrochers, 1911: 3PT
Eremotes heydeni Faust, 1882: 2PT
Eremotes patagiatus Reitter, 1892: 1HT, 1PT
Eremotes subasperatus Reitter, 1898: 1HT
Erirhinus oryzae Matsumura, 1915: 1PT
Esamus cylindricollis Reitter, 1891: 1HT, 2PT
Eumecops fasciculifer Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Eusomus acuminatus var. uralensis Schilsky, 1912: 3PT
Eusomus sandneri Reitter, 1904: 1HT
Foucartia championi Reitter, 1891: 1HT, 3PT
Foucartia conicicollis Reitter, 1892: 1LT, 1PLT
Foucartia helenae Borovec & Pelletier, 2004: 1HT
Foucartia kraatzi Reitter, 1891: 1HT
Foucartia kricheldorffi Reitter, 1915: 1LT, 1PLT
Foucartia osmanlis Reitter, 1900: 1LT, 5PLT
Foucartia podlussanyi Borovec & Pelletier, 2004: 1HT
Foucartia schwarzi Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 1PT
Geranorrhinus arnoldi Korotyaev, 1986: 1PT
Geranorrhinus brunneofasciatus Fairmaire, 1883: ST ?
Geranorrhinus nasreddinovi Korotyaev, 1986: 2PT
Geranorrhinus setosus Korotyaev, 1984: 2PT
Gronops tristiculus Desbrochers, 1911: 2PT
Grypus mannerheimi Faust, 1881: 1PT
Gymnetron aequale Reitter, 1907: 1LT
Gymnetron bipustulatum ab. rubripes Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Gymnetron bonnaieri Desbrochers, 1898: 7PT
Gymnetron canescens Desbrochers, 1893: 2PT
Gymnetron caucasicum Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 1PLT, 2PT
Gymnetron conicirostre Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 2PT
Gymnetron desbrochersi Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 1PLT
Gymnetron heydeni var. nasutum Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Gymnetron hipponense Desbrochers, 1893: 1PT
Gymnetron labile var. brevicrinitum Reitter, 1907: 3PT
Gymnetron lebedevi Roubal, 1926: 1PT
Gymnetron linkei Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 1PLT
Gymnetron ludyi Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 1PT
Gymnetron moroderi Reitter, 1906: 1LT, 1PLT
Gymnetron  perrinae Caldara, 2002: 3PT
Gymnetron pseudomelanarium Reitter, 1907: 1LT
Gymnetron piceum Caldara, 2002: 4PT
Gymnetron rubicundum Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Gymnetron rubrofemoratum var. nigrosetulosum Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Gymnetron smreczynskii Fremuth, 1972: 1PT
Gymnetron squamicolle Reitter, 1906: 1HT
Gymnetron subrotundulum Reitter, 1907: 1LT
Gymnetron tetrum var. subrotundatum Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 2PT
Gymnetron variabilis Rosenhauer, 1856: 1PT
Gymnetron variabilis var. curtulum Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 1PLT
Gymnetron vittipene var. suturiferum Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Gymnetron vulpeculus Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Hauserella elliptica Reitter, 1903: 1MT
Heteromias clavipes Faust, 1882: 2PT
Himalotiorhynchus deosaicus Magnano, 2005: 1HT
Hylobius alpheus var. fulvo-pictus Reitter, 1884: 1HT
Hylobius huguenini Reitter, 1891: 1HT
Hypera amalek Petri, 1901: 1HT, AT
Hypera angustula Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 1PT
Hypera anjumanensis Voss, 1963: 28PT
Hypera audax Faust, 1887: 1HT, 2PT
Hypera auliensis Petri, 1901: 1HT, AT
Hypera callosa Petri, 1901: 1HT
Hypera capiomonti Petri, 1901: ST
Hypera caucasica Faust, 1887: 1HT
Hypera circassicola Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 5PT
Hypera comata var. carpathica Petri, 1901: 2PT
Hypera corcyrea Faust, 1887: 1HT
Hypera cordicollis Petri, 1901: 1HT
Hypera eos Suvorov, 1912: 1PT
Hypera fausti Petri, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Hypera judaica Petri, 1901: 1HT
Hypera korbi Petri, 1901: 1HT
Hypera latifrons Petri, 1901: 1HT, 4PT
Hypera libanotidis Reitter, 1896: 1HT, 17PT
Hypera lydia Petri, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Hypera maculosa Petri, 1901: 1HT
Hypera przewalskii Suvorov, 1912: 1HT, 1PT
Hypera reitteri Faust, 1888: 1HT
Hypera sinuatus var. nigrosuturalis Petri, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Hypera solida Petri, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Hypera stulta Faust, 1884: 2PT
Hypera suvorovi Fleischer, 1909: 1HT, 1PT
Hypera swanetica Faust, 1887: 1HT
Hypera zebra Reitter, 1896: 1HT
Iberoplinthus curvirostris Meregalli, XXXX: 3PT
Kirgizstania altomontanus Magnano, 2005: 1PT
Larinus adjectus Fuente, 1897: 1PT
Larinus anceps Reitter, 1856: 1HT, 4PT
Larinus canescens var. pulvinatus Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus depressirostris Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Larinus discoideus Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus filiformis Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus formosus Petri, 1907: 1MT
Larinus gibbosus Petri, 1907: 1HT, 1PT
Larinus grisescens var. brunneus Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus humeralis Petri, 1907: 1MT
Larinus inaequalicollis var. turanicus Petri, 1907: 1HT, 4PT
Larinus kirschi Reitter, 1872: 1HT
Larinus lederi Faust, 1889: 1HT, 5PT
Larinus marginicollis Petri, 1907: 1MT
Larinus meltiguttatus Reitter, 1901: 2ST
Larinus neglectus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Larinus reitteri Faust, 1889: 1HT, 1PT
Larinus reitterianus Knzorian, XXXX: 1HT
Larinus remissus Faust, 1889: 1HT, 3PT
Larinus rudicollis Petri, 1907: 1HT, 3PT
Larinus sanctus Faust, 1887: 1HT, 1PT
Larinus scolopax Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus soricinus Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus subvariolosus Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus uniformis Petri, 1907: 1HT
Larinus vittatus var. corsicus Petri, 1907: 1PT
Lepidotychius guentheri Franz, 1940: 1PT
Lepidotychius winkleri Franz, 1940: 2PT
Leptomias stoliczkae Faust, 1886: 2PT
Lepyrus armatus Weise, 1893: 2PT
Lepyrus costulatus var. sibiricus Zumpt, 1936: 3PT
Lepyrus eaucasicus Korotyaev, XXXX: 1PT
Lepyrus merkli Korotyaev, XXXX: 1HT, 3PT
Lepyrus palustris ab. flavidulus Reitter, 1908: 1HT, 6PT
Lepyrus tsherenkovi Korotyaev, XXXX: 1PT
Leucochromus lehmanni var. consobrinus Faust, 1904: 2PT
Limnobaris albosparsa Reitter, 1910: 1HT
Limnobaris jucunda Reitter, 1910: 1HT
Limnobaris sahlbergi Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Liophloeus maroccanus Fairmaire, 1868: 1HT
Liosoma bosnicum K. Daniel, 1906: 1PT
Liosoma reitteri Bedel, 1884: 1HT
Liparus baldensis Reitter, 1896: 1HT, 2PT
Liparus engadinensis Reitter, 1897: 1HT
Liparus intermedius Waltl, 1838: 3PT
Lissotarsus nigropictus Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 1PT
Lissotarsus signifer Faust, 1881: 1PT
Litodactylus leucogaster ssp. semiruber Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Lixus acicularis var. trinarius Petri, 1905: 1HT, 2PT
Lixus albopictus Reitter, 1892: 1HT
Lixus amplirostris Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus baculiformis Petri, 1904: 1HT
Lixus bardanae var. paulmeyeri Petri, 1905: 1HT, 6PT
Lixus bardanae var. Scutulatus Petri, 1905: 1PT
Lixus bifasciatus Petri, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus colchicus Petri, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus coloratus Petri, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus confinis Petri, 1904: 1HT
Lixus convexicollis Petri, 1904: 1HT
Lixus elongatus var. oblongus Petri, 1905: 1MT
Lixus farinifer Reitter, 1892: 1HT, 8PT
Lixus fasciatus Petri, 1906: 1HT
Lixus fascifarius Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Lixus ferulaginis Apfelbeck, 1899: 4PT
Lixus formaneki reitter, 1985: 1HT, 7PLT
Lixus furcatus var. longicollis Petri, 1905: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus ibis Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus imitator Faust var. eylandti Petri, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus imitator Faust, 1892: 1PT
Lixus iridis var. asiaticus Petri, 1904: 1HT
Lixus iridis var. balcanicus Petri, 1904: 1HT
Lixus iridis Olivier var. caucasicus Petri, 1904: 1HT, 4PT
Lixus iridis Olivier var. levantinus Petri, 1904: 1HT
Lixus iridis var. tauricus Petri, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus irroratus Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus korbi Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus macer Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus noctuinus Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus obesus Petri, 1904: 1HT, 12PT
Lixus operculifer Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus polylineatus Petri, 1904: 1HT
Lixus posticus Faust, 1884: 2PT
Lixus pubirostris Petri, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus punctiventris var. laticollis Petri, 1905: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus rectodorsalis Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus reitteri Faust, 1891: 1HT
Lixus repletus Smrecyński, 1967: 1HT, 6PT
Lixus salicorniae Faust, 1888: 1PT
Lixus scapularis Faust, 1887: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus semilunatus Petri, 1904: 1MT
Lixus subulatus var. rubrolateralis Reitter, 1909: 1HT, 1PT
Lixus tigrinus Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 8PT
Lixus turanicus Reitter, 1888: 1HT
Lixus turkestanicus Faust, 1883: 1PT
Lixus ulcerosus Petri, 1904: 1HT, 3PT
Macrotarrhus chantavicus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Macrotarrhus crassus Zaslavsky, XXXX: 1PT
Macrotarsus altaicus Petri, 1901: 1HT, 2PT
Macrotarsus conspersus Petri, 1901: 1HT, 2PT
Macrotarsus cuprifer Petri, 1901: 1HT
Macrotarsus elongatus Petri, 1901: 1HT
Macrotarsus fausti Reitter, 1896: 1HT, 6PT
Macrotarsus gracilis Petri, 1901: 1HT
Macrotarsus inflatus Petri, 1901: 1HT, 2PT
Magdalis altaiensis Reitter, 1916: 1LT
Magdalis fallax Kirsch, 1878: 1PLT
Magdalis formaneki Reitter, 1895: 1LT, 1PLT
Magdalis funebris Reitter, 1895: 1LT
Magdalis grilati Bedel, 1885: 3PT
Magdalis rugipennis Reitter, 1895: 1LT
Magdalis semicyanea Desbrochers, 1895: 1PT
Magdalis sparsicollis Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 1PT
Mecaspis praeditus Faust, 1883: 1PT
Mecinus andalusicus Faust, 1890: 1HT, 1PT
Mecinus circulatus var. albipubens Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 1PLT
Mecinus hariolus Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Mecinus lineicollis Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Mecinus suturalis Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Mecysolobus lixoides Reitter, 1905: 1HT
Megamecus cervulus Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 12PT
Megamecus chlorophanus Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 2PT
Megamecus funicularis Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Megamecus iliensis Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Megamecus variegatus var. ocularis Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 2PT
Megamecus viridans var. beatus Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Meira seidlitzi Desbrochers, 1888: 2PT
Meira setulosa Desbrochers, 1896: 2PT
Meira variegata A.& F. Solari, 1903: 4PT
Meiranella brevisetis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Meleus alternans Reitter, 1888: 1HT
Meleus brevipennis Reitter, 1890: 1PT
Meleus depressicollis Reitter, 1884: 1HT
Meleus dolosus Faust, 1884: 1PT
Meleus granulosus Reitter, 1884: 1HT
Meleus griseus Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Meleus lutosus Frivaldszky, 1835: 1HT
Meleus megerlei var. germanicus Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 1PT
Meleus megerlei var. germanicus Reitter, 1890: 2PT
Meleus mingrelicus Reitter, 1884: 1HT
Meleus schneideri Reitter, 1884: 1HT, 2PT
Meleus setosus Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Meleus squamosus Reitter, 1889: 1HT
Meleus starcki Faust, 1888: 2PT
Meleus starcki Faust, 1888: 5PT
Meleus swaneticus Reitter, 1884: LT
Meleus swaneticus Reitter, 1884: 1PLT
Meleus syriacus Daniel, 1908: 1HT
Meleus vittatus Reitter, 1884: 1HT, 4PT
Menecleonus emiliae Reitter, 1913: 1MT
Meptorhynchus ripicola Khnzorian, XXXX: 2PT
Mesagroicus affaber Faust, 1885: 1PT
Mesagroicus amicalis Magnano, 2005: 1PT
Mesagroicus analis Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 4PT
Mesagroicus auliensis Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Mesagroicus conicirostris Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Mesagroicus elongatus Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Mesagroicus fasciatus Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Mesagroicus hauseri Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 2PT
Mesagroicus helleri Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 8PT
Mesagroicus lederi Faust, 1887: 1HT, 2PT
Mesagroicus poriventris Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Mesagroicus rusticanus Faust, 1883: 1PT
Mesagroicus stierlini Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Mesagroicus sulcicollis Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 3PT
Mesostylus argentatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Mesostylus bangi Reitter, 1897: 1HT, 5PT
Mesostylus hauseri ab. fulvotesselatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 4PT
Mesostylus hauseri Faust, 1894: 2PT
Mesostylus schelli Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Mesostylus uzboicus Arnoldi, XXXX: 2PT
Metallites doderoi D'Amore & Fracassi, 1907: 6PT
Metallites gavoyi Desbrochers, 1909: 5PT
Miarus araxis Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 4PT
Miarus campanulae var. ursinus Abeille de Perrin, 1906: 2PT
Miarus degorsi Abeille de Perrin, 1906: 2PT
Miarus dentiventris Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 1PT
Miarus fuscopubens Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 20PT
Miarus graminis var. subfulvus Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 8PT
Miarus graminis var. subuniseriatus Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 4PT
Miarus hispidulus Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 1PT
Miarus phyteumatis Franz, 1947: 2PT
Miarus wagneri Székessy, 1940: 1HT, 62PT
Miccotrogus lostiai Desbrochers, 1900: 2PT
Micromimus osellai Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Minyops escherichi Reitter, 1899: LT
Minyops opulentus ssp. ponticus Daniel, 1908: 1HT
Minyops subaequalis Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Mirorhynchus bellus Magnano, 2002: 1HT
Moroderia inflaticeps Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Mylacomias eques Reitter, 1912: 1LT, 1PLT
Mylacorrhina vernalis Khnzorian, XXXX: 4PT
Mylacus alboornatus Reitter, 1894: 1HT
Mylacus albosquamulatus Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 2PT
Mylacus crinitus Reitter, 1906: 1HT
Mylacus cupripubens Reitter, 1906: 1HT, AT
Mylacus formaneki Reitter, 1906: 1HT, 1PT
Mylacus graecus Stierlin, 1884: 1HT
Mylacus helleri Reitter, 1906: 1HT, 12PT
Mylacus pustulatus Seidlitz, 1868: 4PT
Mylacus reitteri Stierlin, 1887: 1HT
Mylacus sandneri Reitter, 1905: 1HT
Mylacus villosus Reitter, 1905: 1HT
Myllocerops filicornis Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 6PT
Myllocerops fortis Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 2PT
Myllocerops mitis Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Myllocerops sectator Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Myllocerus antoniae Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Myllocerus illitus Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Myllocerus laticornis Reitter, 1915: 1HT, AT
Myllocerus setarius Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 1PT
Mythecops araxis Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 8PT
Mythecops ruficornis Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Nanomias terricola Yunakov, 2004: 2PT
Nanophyes auletoides Reitter, 1911: 1HT
Nanophyes fausti Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 3PT
Nanophyes flaveolus Formánek & Melichar, 1916: 5PT
Nanophyes gallicus Bedel, 1887: 1PT
Nanophyes marmoratus var. mülleri Reitter, 1902: 1HT
Nanophyes smreczynskii Dieckmann, XXXX: 1PT
Nanophyes telephii Bedel, 1900: 9PT
Nanophyes zürcheri Pic, 1908: 5PT
Nastus albinae Formánek, 1909: 1HT, 1PT
Nastus albolineatus Formánek, 1909: 1HT
Nastus circassicus Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 4PLT
Nastus fausti Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 6PLT
Nastus lederi Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 1PLT
Nastus sulcifrons Formánek, 1909: 1HT
Neobaris globicollis Reitter, 1912: 1LT, 1PLT, 4PT
Neosirocalus moraviensis Dieckmann, 1966: 2PT
Neotychius kaszabi Bajtenov, 1977: 4PT
Notaris bimaculatus var. frivaldszkyi Tournier, 1874: 1HT
Notaris discretus Faust, 1882: 2PT
Notaris discretus var. nivalis Faust, 1883: 3PT
Notaris ochoticus Korotyaev, XXXX: 1PT
Ochrinulus antigae Reitter, 1887: 1HT, 2PT
Ocladius russelli Meregalli, Borovec, Colonnelli, 2001: 1PT
Ocladius walkeri Cameron, 1905: 6PT
Omiamima albiseta Borovec, 1997: 2PT
Omiamima asiatica Formánek, 1910: 1PT
Omiamima hystrica Borovec, 1997: 2PT
Omias circassicus Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 9PLT
Omias gattereri Stierlin, 1884: 1HT, 1PT
Omias gattereri Stierlin, 1884: 1PT
Omias georgicus Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 8PLT
Omias georgicus var. talyschensis Reitter, 1897: 1HT
Omias imereticus Reitter, 1897: 1HT, 2PT
Omias longicollis Reitter, 1897: 1HT
Omias mingrelicus Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 2PLT
Omias rosti Reitter, 1897: 1HT
Omias swaneticus Reitter, 1897: 1LT, 1PLT
Omias waterhousei Wollaston, 1854: 2PT
Orchastes fagi var. geniculatus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 1PT
Orchastes fagi var. sanguinipennis Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 1PT
Orchestoides inornatus Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Orobitis nigrinus Reitter, 1885: 1HT
Orthochaetes armeniacus Reitter, 1899: 1HT, 1PT
Orthochaetes jonicus Reitter, 1899: 1HT, 2PT
Orthochaetes judaeus Reitter, 1899: 1HT, 1PT
Orthochaetes lelpidopterus Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Orthochaetes oros Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Orthochaetes tissoni Desbrochers, 1905: 8PT

Otiorhynchus abagoensis Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 6PT
Otiorhynchus abnormicollis Reitter, 1912: LT
Otiorhynchus adelaidae Reitter, 1889: 1HT, 8PT
Otiorhynchus adonis Apfelbeck, 1906: 16PT
Otiorhynchus aksudshaboglinus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus alagoesus Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus alatavicus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus albanicus Apfelbeck, 1907: 1LT, 16PLT
Otiorhynchus albidus Stierlin, 1861: 3PT
Otiorhynchus alemdaghensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus alphonsi Lona, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus alpicola var. prenjus Apfelbeck, 1895: 4PT
Otiorhynchus amanus Reitter, 1904: 1HT, 5PT
Otiorhynchus andorensis Reitter, 1913: 1LT, 2PLT
Otiorhynchus anophthalmus var. anopthalmoides Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus anthracinus var. cratoscelis Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus apschuanus Reitter, 1914: 1LT, 2PLT
Otiorhynchus arachniformis Reitter, 1908: 1MT
Otiorhynchus arenosus Stierlin, 1861: 4PT
Otiorhynchus areolatus Stierlin, 1881: 2PT
Otiorhynchus articulatus K.& J. Daniel, 1898: 1PT
Otiorhynchus athosiensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus atricolor Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus aurosignatus ssp. rhodopensis Apfelbeck, 1895: 3PT
Otiorhynchus aurosignatus var. vlasuljensis Apfelbeck, 1894: 7PT
Otiorhynchus aurosquamulatus var. duricornis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 7PT
Otiorhynchus azaleae var. spaethi Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus babensis Apfelbeck, 1895: 1PT
Otiorhynchus balcanicus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus balkanis Csiki, 1943: 1HT
Otiorhynchus bertarinii Stierlin, 1894: 12PT
Otiorhynchus bidentatus Stierlin, 1879: 7PT
Otiorhynchus biroi Csiki, 1942: 1HT, 9PT
Otiorhynchus bisphaericus var. tetrarchus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus bistrae Angelov, 1979: 1HT, 6PT
Otiorhynchus bisulcatus ab. bisulcatoides Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus bisulcatus var. margaritifer Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus bisulcatus var. subauriculus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus blanchardi Apfelbeck, 1896: 1PT
Otiorhynchus borealis Stierlin, 1872: 1PT
Otiorhynchus boroveci Magnano, 1997: 4PT
Otiorhynchus bosnarum var. leljensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus bosnicus Stierlin, 1888: 5PT
Otiorhynchus brachialis var. dentitibia Reitter, 1888: 1LT, 8PLT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus brachyscelis Apfelbeck, 1911: 2PT
Otiorhynchus brandisi Apfelbeck, 1896: 1PT
Otiorhynchus brenskei Reitter, 1884: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus brevinasus Reitter, 1910: 1HT
Otiorhynchus bulgaricus Apfelbeck, 1898: 6PT
Otiorhynchus burlini Solari, XXXX: 3PT
Otiorhynchus caesareus K. Daniel, 1906: 1PT
Otiorhynchus calabrus Stierlin, 1880: 1PT
Otiorhynchus callicnemis Apfelbeck, 1918: 1PT
Otiorhynchus cancasanus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus capricornis Apfelbeck, 1898: 3PT
Otiorhynchus carbonicolor Reitter, 1914: LT
Otiorhynchus cardiniger ab. lesinicus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 5PT
Otiorhynchus cardiniger ab. pseudogoerzensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus caudatus var. laetificator Reitter, 1902: 1HT, 6PT
Otiorhynchus chalciditanus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus championi Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus chrysopterus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus cinereus Stierlin, 1879: 4PT
Otiorhynchus circassicus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus cirorrhynchoides Reitter, 1912: 1MT
Otiorhynchus cirrhocnemis Apfelbeck, 1908: 5PT
Otiorhynchus claviger Penecke, 1901: 4PT
Otiorhynchus collectivus Reitter, 1890: LT
Otiorhynchus confluens Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus coniceps K.& J. Daniel, 1898: 5PT
Otiorhynchus conicirostris Stierlin,1886: 1PT
Otiorhynchus consentaneus ssp. troglavensis Apfelbeck, 1922: 2PT
Otiorhynchus consentaneus var. dryadis Apfelbeck, 1894: 5PT
Otiorhynchus coriarius Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus corniculatus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus cornirostris Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus corruptor ssp. rhamnivorus Apfelbeck, 1907: 6PT
Otiorhynchus crassiceps Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus crassirostris Magnano, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus creticus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus cribrosus ab. arrogans Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus crinitellus K.& J. Daniel, 1902: 2PT
Otiorhynchus croaticus ssp. hawelkae Apfelbeck, 1920: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus curvimanus Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 6PT
Otiorhynchus cylindricus Stierlin, 1877: 3PT
Otiorhynchus danieli Apfelbeck, 1895: 4PT
Otiorhynchus darius Reitter, 1903: 1MT
Otiorhynchus darius var. donabilis Reitter, 1903: 1MT
Otiorhynchus decoratus Stierlin, 1877: 4PT
Otiorhynchus deleticollis Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus densicollis Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus diabolicus Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Otiorhynchus diotus Reitter,1895: LT
Otiorhynchus discretus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus dispar Stierlin, 1879: 2PT
Otiorhynchus dives ssp. demirhapensis Apfelbeck, 1898: 6PT
Otiorhynchus dobrutschae Stierlin, 1881: 1PT
Otiorhynchus dorotkanus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 12PT
Otiorhynchus dshungaricus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus dubius ab. pseudopauper Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 10PT
Otiorhynchus duplopilosus Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus echidna K.& J. Daniel, 1899: 1PT
Otiorhynchus echinatoides Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus edelenginus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus edithae Reitter, 1887: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus ehlersi Stierlin, 1881: 1PT
Otiorhynchus emiliae Apfelbeck, 1889: 11PT
Otiorhynchus ephialtes Apfelbeck, 1911: 4PT
Otiorhynchus eques Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus eques var. pereques Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 5PT
Otiorhynchus eremicola Rosenhauer,1847: 1PT
Otiorhynchus erinaceus Stierlin, 1876: 2PT
Otiorhynchus erivanensis Reitter, 1894: 1LT, 3PLT
Otiorhynchus esau var. subpustulatus Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus escherichi Reitter, 1898: 1HT
Otiorhynchus etropolensis Apfelbeck, 1898: 5PT
Otiorhynchus eugeni Reitter, 1896: LT
Otiorhynchus euxinus Apfelbeck, 1898: 1PT
Otiorhynchus exiguus Stierlin, 1861: 2PT
Otiorhynchus expansus Reitter, 1884: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus fabrilis Reitter, 1898: 1HT
Otiorhynchus falsarius Reitter, 1912: 1MT
Otiorhynchus felicitanae Reitter, 1887: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus fischtensis Reitter, 1889: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus flavimanus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus flecki Reitter, 1906: 1HT, AT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus fleischeri Stierlin,1896: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus fodori Mesaros, 1996: HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus formaneki Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus fortis var. valarsae Reitter, 1907: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus fortispinus Reitter, 1909: LT
Otiorhynchus frater var. minor Stierlin, 1861: 4PT
Otiorhynchus frisius Schneider, 1896: 4PT
Otiorhynchus frivaldszkyi Rosenhauer, 1856: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus fulliformis Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus furiosus Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus fuscipes ab. bavaricus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus gazella Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus gemellatus Stierlin, 1875: 2PT
Otiorhynchus gemellatus var. pseudogemellatus Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus geniculatus var. eppelsheimi Apfelbeck, 1893: 5PT
Otiorhynchus geniculatus var. ganglbaueri Apfelbeck, 1893: 2PT
Otiorhynchus geraldinae Csiki, 1940: 1LT, 7PLT
Otiorhynchus gertrudae Zumpt, 1934: 1PT
Otiorhynchus gestroi Apfelbeck, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus getschmanni ssp. kricheldorffi f. nigrofemoralis Zumpt, 1934: 1PT
Otiorhynchus getschmanni ssp. kricheldorffi Zumpt, 1934: 9PT
Otiorhynchus gibbicollis var. strongylus Retowski, 1887: 1PT
Otiorhynchus gilgitensis Braun, 1988: 5PT
Otiorhynchus glabratus Stierlin, 1861: 1PT
Otiorhynchus gracilipes Reitter, 1896: LT
Otiorhynchus graecoinsularis Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus grandifrons Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus granulatissimus Reitter, 1914: 1LT, 1PLT
Otiorhynchus granulato-punctatus Stierlin, 1883: 3PT
Otiorhynchus granulatostriatus Stierlin, 1876: 2PT
Otiorhynchus gravidus Stierlin, 1861: 1PT
Otiorhynchus griseopunctatus ab. durus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus griseopunctatus ab. ruficollis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus griseopunctatus var. vesulianus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 6PT
Otiorhynchus grouvellei Stierlin, 1882: 3PT
Otiorhynchus gylippus Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus gymnopterus K.& J. Daniel, 1902: 3PT
Otiorhynchus haedillus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus haplolophus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus hastilis Reitter, 1914: LT
Otiorhynchus hebes Reitter, 1890: 1LT, 4PLT
Otiorhynchus hebes var. subuniseriatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus heinzli Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 11PT
Otiorhynchus helenae Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus henschi Apfelbeck, 1894: 3PT
Otiorhynchus heydeni var. ovoideus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus hirticornis var. setulifer Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus histrioides Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus hopffgarteni Stierlin, 1880: 1PT
Otiorhynchus horridus Stierlin, 1880: 5PT
Otiorhynchus hospes Apfelbeck, 1932: 2PT
Otiorhynchus hospitus Reitter, 1912: 2PT
Otiorhynchus hummleri Flach, 1899: 1PT
Otiorhynchus illustris Apfelbeck, 1898: 1PT
Otiorhynchus imitator Apfelbeck, 1894: 8PT
Otiorhynchus impressiceps Reitter, 1888: 1HT
Otiorhynchus indefinitus Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus indubitus Reitter, 1914: LT
Otiorhynchus inhabilis Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus inunctus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus inunctus var. chionophilus Apfelbeck, 1908: 9PT
Otiorhynchus inunctus var. skipetarus Csiki, 1940: 1HT, 16PT
Otiorhynchus irritabilis Faust, 1886: 1PT
Otiorhynchus iskrae Angelov, 1979: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus jarpachlinus Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus jovis var. perdixoides Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus jugicola Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus juglandiformis Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus juglandis Apfelbeck, 1895: 1HT
Otiorhynchus juldusanus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus kairuanus Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus karthelianus Csiki, 1942: LT
Otiorhynchus kaszabi: Arnoldi, 1963: 1HT, AT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus kirschi Stierlin, 1876: 1PT
Otiorhynchus kopaonicensis Apfelbeck, 1912: T
Otiorhynchus kotulae Smulikowsky, 1922: 4PT
Otiorhynchus krüperi ssp. tomoricensis Lona, 1922: 1PT
Otiorhynchus krüperi Stierlin, 1887: 3PT
Otiorhynchus krüperi var. angulipes Apfelbeck, 1920: 1PT
Otiorhynchus kubanensis Reitter, 1888: 1HT, AT
Otiorhynchus kurdistanus ssp. hostilius Reitter, 1908: 1HT
Otiorhynchus kyllinensis Apfelbeck, 1922: 1PT
Otiorhynchus laconicus Kirsch, 1880: 4PT
Otiorhynchus laminirostris Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus laniger Faust, 1887: 1PT
Otiorhynchus lasioscelis Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 9PT
Otiorhynchus latinasus Reitter, 1898: 1HT
Otiorhynchus lazarevici Csiki, 1904: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus ledereri Stierlin, 1873: 3PT
Otiorhynchus lederi Stierlin, 1876: 1HT, 9PT
Otiorhynchus lenkoranus Reitter, 1894: 1HT
Otiorhynchus leonhardi Reitter, 1903: 1LT, 2PLT
Otiorhynchus leutheri Smreczyński, 1975: 1HT
Otiorhynchus ligneus var. riguus Stierlin, 1883: 1PT
Otiorhynchus linearis Stierlin, 1861: 2PT
Otiorhynchus liophloeoides Apfelbeck, 1889: 2PT
Otiorhynchus ludovici Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus lugens ab. melitanus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus lumenifer Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus lumensis Apfelbeck, 1908: 1PLT
Otiorhynchus lutosus Stierlin, 1858: 1PT
Otiorhynchus macedonicus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus maculiscapus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus maderi Formánek, 1920: 3PT
Otiorhynchus marquardtianus Reitter, 1900: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus marthae Reitter, 1889: 1HT
Otiorhynchus martinensis var. grissolensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus martinensis: Müller, 1898: 2PT
Otiorhynchus mastix var. nigrociliatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 5PT
Otiorhynchus mastix var. scabrior Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus matutinus Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus megareus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus megerlei var. lacernatus Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus meledanus Reitter, 1899: 1MT
Otiorhynchus merditanus Apfelbeck, 1907: 1PT
Otiorhynchus meridionalis var. peyrissaci Stierlin, 1886: 1PT
Otiorhynchus meridionalis var. subvestitus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus merkli Stierlin, 1880: 3PT
Otiorhynchus metokianus Apfelbeck, 1896: 3PT
Otiorhynchus microphthalmus A.& F. Solari, 1908: 1PT
Otiorhynchus microscabris Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus midas Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus molytoides Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 8PT
Otiorhynchus mongolicus Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 10PT
Otiorhynchus moriger Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 12PT
Otiorhynchus morio ssp. melanopus Zumpt, 1934: 1PT
Otiorhynchus morio ssp. sublaevigatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus morosus Faust, 1889: 1PT
Otiorhynchus munelensis Apfelbeck, 1907: 3PT
Otiorhynchus nasutus Stierlin, 1876: 9PT
Otiorhynchus neglectus Stierlin, 1858: 1PT
Otiorhynchus nevesinjensis Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus nigerrimus ab. judicariensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus niveopictus Apfelbeck, 1889: 8PT
Otiorhynchus niveopictus var. bellicomus Reitter, 1902: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus niveopictus var. sarajevensis Apfelbeck, 1889: 8PT
Otiorhynchus nocturnus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus nudiformis Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus nudus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus nuncius Faust, 1890: 1PT
Otiorhynchus obesus Stierlin, 1861: 2PT
Otiorhynchus obsoletus var. aethiops Apfelbeck, 1894: 2PT
Otiorhynchus obsoletus var. vicinus Apfelbeck, 1894: 1PT
Otiorhynchus oligolepis Apfelbeck, 1918: 3PT
Otiorhynchus opertosus Reitter, 1889: 1LT, 1PLT
Otiorhynchus ossetilus Korotyaev, 1992: 1PT
Otiorhynchus ovalipennis var. granithorax Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus pabulator Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus pachycerus Csiki, 1943: 1PT
Otiorhynchus pachyscelis var. nyctelius Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus paradisiacus: Pesarini, 1968: 3PT
Otiorhynchus paralleliceps Reitter, 1913: LT
Otiorhynchus parameiroides Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Otiorhynchus parnassicola Apfelbeck, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus parvulus Stierlin, 1881: 1PT
Otiorhynchus paulinus: Lona, 1926: 3PT
Otiorhynchus perdix ssp. thalassinus Apfelbeck, 1905: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus perdix var. brutius Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus peregrinus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus perlucens Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus permundus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus perturbatus Magnano, 2002: 1PT
Otiorhynchus peyerimhoffi Hustache, 1920: 1PT
Otiorhynchus phillobiformis Reitter, 1895: 1MT
Otiorhynchus phreatus Reitter, 1914: LT
Otiorhynchus pierinus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus pignoris Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 9PT
Otiorhynchus pigrans Stierlin, 1861: 1PT
Otiorhynchus piliporus Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus pinivorus Apfelbeck, 1918: 2PT
Otiorhynchus politus ab. regliae Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus politus var. djalicae Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 11PT
Otiorhynchus praecellens var. mossorensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus priscus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus problematicus Mesaros, 1996: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus prolongatus Stierlin, 1861: 2PT
Otiorhynchus proreus Reitter, 1889: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus proximus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus psalidiformis Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus pseudaffaber Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus pseudannibali Magnano, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus pseudobrachialis Reitter, 1914: LT
Otiorhynchus pseudolinearis Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus pseudonothus Apfelbeck, 1897: 1HT, 19PT
Otiorhynchus pseudonotus var. liguricus Apfelbeck, 1897: 1HT, 8PT
Otiorhynchus ptochoides Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus puncticollis Stierlin, 1891: 4PT
Otiorhynchus pupillatus var. tingens Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus pustulatus Vitale, 1903: 3PT
Otiorhynchus quadratopunctatus Stierlin, 1884: 1PLT
Otiorhynchus raddei Stierlin, 1877: 1PT
Otiorhynchus raucus ssp. silvicola Mazur, 1985: 5PT
Otiorhynchus reclinatus Reitter, 1914: LT
Otiorhynchus reitteri Stierlin, 1876: 1HT
Otiorhynchus relictus Apfelbeck, 1908: 10PT
Otiorhynchus retowskii Reitter, 1885: 1LT, 16PLT
Otiorhynchus rhamni Apfelbeck, 1895: 2PT
Otiorhynchus rhilicola Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus ronchettii Reitter, 1909: 1LT, 2PLT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus ronchettinus Reitter, 1909: 1LT, 3PLT
Otiorhynchus ruffoi Magnano, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus rugoso-granulatus Stierlin, 1888: 10PT
Otiorhynchus russicus Stierlin, 1883: 1PT
Otiorhynchus sagax Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Otiorhynchus sanguinipes var. subglaber Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus sardonius Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus saturnus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus scaberrimus Stierlin, 1861: 1PT
Otiorhynchus schamylianus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus schaufussi Miller, 1863: 2PT
Otiorhynchus schönherri Stierlin, 1877: 7PT
Otiorhynchus scintillus Reitter, 1912: 1MT
Otiorhynchus secretus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus secundarius Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus sellae Stierlin, 1881: 1PT
Otiorhynchus semitarius Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus sensitivus var. hilfi Reitter, 1902: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus serenus Reitter, 1914: LT
Otiorhynchus setidorsis Reitter, 1898: 1HT
Otiorhynchus shardaghensis Apfelbeck, 1908: 1PT
Otiorhynchus simoni Bedel, 1814: 1PT
Otiorhynchus simulans Stierlin, 1877: 4PT
Otiorhynchus sitonoides Apfelbeck, 1907: 1PT
Otiorhynchus skoelsen Csiki, 1940: 1LT, 17PLT
Otiorhynchus sorbivorus Reitter, 1914: 1PT
Otiorhynchus spariridis Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus speiseri Apfelbeck, 1894: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus splendidus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus squamosus var. squamulatus Stierlin, 1861: 2PT
Otiorhynchus starcki Retowski, 1885: 3PT
Otiorhynchus steindachneri Apfelbeck, 1907: 6PT
Otiorhynchus stichopterus Apfelbeck, 1911: 1PT
Otiorhynchus striginurus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus sturányi Apfelbeck, 1906: 9PT
Otiorhynchus subconstrictus Reitter, 1896: 1LT, 1PLT
Otiorhynchus subcoriaceus Reitter, 1882: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus subeques Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus subfilum Reitter, 1884: 1MT
Otiorhynchus subnivalis Mesarosros, 1989: 3PT
Otiorhynchus subsedulus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Otiorhynchus subsquamulatus Stierlin, 1884: LT
Otiorhynchus sulcatellus K.& J. Daniel, 1898: 5PT
Otiorhynchus sulcibasis Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 7PT
Otiorhynchus supremus Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus suramensis Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus swaneticus Reitter, 1883: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus tagenoides var. provocator Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus tardipes Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus tarnieri Stierlin, 1861: 2PT
Otiorhynchus tarphiderus Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus tarphiderus var. tarphideroides Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Otiorhynchus tatarchani Reitter, 1882: 1HT, 4PT
Otiorhynchus tbatanicus Reitter, 1914: 1LT, 1PLT
Otiorhynchus teberdensis Reitter, 1909: 1LT, 3PLT
Otiorhynchus tener var. grajus K.& J. Daniel, 1898: 2PT
Otiorhynchus tenuicornis var. rhodopus Krauss, 1900: 2PT
Otiorhynchus tenuimanus Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Otiorhynchus teretirostris var. plicicollis Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 8PT
Otiorhynchus terrifer Stierlin, 1883: 1HT
Otiorhynchus thaliarchus Reitter, 1914: 1MT
Otiorhynchus tibetanus Formánek, 1916: 1PT
Otiorhynchus titan Apfelbeck, 1907: 1PLT
Otiorhynchus torulensis Benedikt, 1999: 1PT
Otiorhynchus transadriaticus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 3PT
Otiorhynchus transparens Stierlin, 1875: 1PT
Otiorhynchus tristriatus Stierlin, 1879: 1HT
Otiorhynchus tritonis Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Otiorhynchus trojanus Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus trophonius Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 2PT
Otiorhynchus tumidicollis Stierlin, 1861: 1HT
Otiorhynchus turcicus Arnoldi, 1963: 1HT
Otiorhynchus turgidus var. brevipes Apfelbeck, 1894: 1PT
Otiorhynchus turgidus var. brevipes Apfelbeck, 1894: 1PT
Otiorhynchus ugamicus Bajtenov, 1974: 1PT
Otiorhynchus uludagicus Magnano, 1997: 1PT
Otiorhynchus umbilicatoides Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus valachiae Fuss, 1868: 1MT
Otiorhynchus valtellinus K.& J. Daniel, 1891: 3PT
Otiorhynchus vastus Apfelbeck, 1894: 5PT
Otiorhynchus vastus var. livnensis Apfelbeck, 1898: 3PT
Otiorhynchus veluchianus Apfelbeck,1912: 1HT, 5PT
Otiorhynchus verrucipes Apfelbeck, 1898: 3PT
Otiorhynchus vexator Reitter, 1900: 1HT, 5PT
Otiorhynchus villosus Stierlin, 1872: 1PT
Otiorhynchus virgo Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Otiorhynchus viridilimbatus Apfelbeck, 1889: 5PT
Otiorhynchus weisei Reitter, 1895: 1HT, 5PT
Otiorhynchus wellschmidi Frieser, 1975: 3PT
Otiorhynchus wernerianus Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 1PT
Otiorhynchus winneguthi Apfelbeck,1907: 16PT
Otiorhynchus zariedoides Reitter, 1914: 1HT
Oxyonyx brisouti Faust, 1885: 2PT
Pachycerus crassicornis Faust, 1904: 1MT
Pachytychius longipilis Reitter, 1909: 1HT, 2PT
Pachytychius maculosus Reitter, 1907: 1HT
Pachytychius schusteri Reitter, 1909: 1HT, 8PT
Paophilus indutus Faust, 1884: 1PT
Parameira caucasica Stierlin, 1876: 9PT
Parameira pisidica Magnano, 2001: 2PT
Pareusomus esenovi Bajtenov, XXXX: 2PT
Pareusomus satpaevi Bajtenov, XXXX: 2PT
Parostylus angularis: Arnoldi, XXXX: 2PT
Paroxyonyx gobbii Colonnelli, 1977: 1PT
Periteloneus schilskyi Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Peritelus amorei Solari, 1904: 1PT
Peritelus henoni Desbrochers, 1865: 2PT
Peritelus holdhausi Solari, 1907: 1PT
Peritelus paganetti A & F. Solari, 1907: 1PT
Peritelus reitteri Vitale, 1903: 7PT
Peritelus vitalei Desbrochers, 1892: 3PT
Phacephorus hirtellus Faust, 1885: 1PT
Phacephorus nasutus Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Phacephorus russicus Faust, 1885: 1PT
Pholicodes alternans Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 5PT
Pholicodes ellipticus Reitter, 1895: 1LT, 5PLT
Pholicodes margaritae Davidian, 1990: 1PT
Pholicodes nigrosparsus Reitter, 1909: 1HT, 2PT
Pholicodes pancaueosicus Davidian, 1991: 5PT
Pholicodes perdurus Reitter, 1895: 1MT
Pholicodes pholicoides Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Pholicodes pubimicans Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Pholicodes semicalvus Reitter, 1881: 1LT, 11PLT
Pholicodes viridescens Reitter, 1900: 1HT, 2PT
Phyllobius albanicus Apfelbeck, 1916: 8PT
Phyllobius albidus Miller, 1883: 2PT
Phyllobius alpinus var. sudeticus Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 1PT
Phyllobius armeniacus Kirsch, 1878: 1HT, AT, 5PT
Phyllobius artemisiae Desbrochers, 1873: 2PT
Phyllobius auliensis Reitter, 1902: 1HT
Phyllobius bang-haasi Schilsky, 1908: 4PT
Phyllobius brenskei Schilsky, 1911: 1HT, 2PT
Phyllobius calcaratus ab. pseudodensatus Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 5PT
Phyllobius circassicus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 8PT
Phyllobius corpulentus Schilsky, 1911: 1HT, 7PT
Phyllobius dahli Korotyaev, 1984: 1PT
Phyllobius desbrochersi Stierlin, 1883: 1PT
Phyllobius eibesensis Reitter, 1902: 1HT, 5PT
Phyllobius euchromus Reitter, 1885: 1HT, 5PT
Phyllobius flecki Reitter, 1906: 1HT, 3PT
Phyllobius fulvagoides Reitter, 1885: 1HT, 1PT
Phyllobius ganglbaueri Apfelbeck, 1916: 1PT
Phyllobius glaucus var. fuscofumosus Reitter, 1906: 1HT, 2PT
Phyllobius hirtus Seidlitz, 1867: 1PT
Phyllobius italicus A.& F. Solari, 1903: 3PT
Phyllobius kirgisicus Csiki, 1922: 1MT
Phyllobius lederi Schysky, 1911: 1HT
Phyllobius lenkoranus Schilsky, 1911: 1HT, 1PT
Phyllobius lucanus A.& F. Solari, 1903: 3PT
Phyllobius maculicornis var. pygmaeolus Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 1PT
Phyllobius mediatus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 4PT
Phyllobius mirandus var. defloratus Schilsky, 1908: 2PT
Phyllobius mongolicus Korotyaev & Egorov, XXXX: 1PT
Phyllobius narynensis Reitter, 1902: 1HT, 3PT
Phyllobius oblongus var. biformis Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 3PT
Phyllobius obscuripes Schilsky, 1911: 2PT
Phyllobius pallidipes Reitter, 1890: 7PT
Phyllobius parvicollis Korotyaev & Egorov, XXXX: 1PT
Phyllobius pictus var. rhodosicus Faust, 1899: 1PT
Phyllobius pseudopomonae Reitter, 1902: 1HT, 1PT
Phyllobius reitteri Stierlin, 1884: 1HT
Phyllobius russicus Stierlin, 1884: 1HT, 1PT
Phyllobius schneideri: Schilsky, 1911: 9PT
Phyllobius scutellaris ab. wankae Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 10PT
Phyllobius similis: Schilsky, 1911: 1HT
Phyllobius singularis Reitter, 1916: 1MT
Phyllobius taygetanus Reitter, 1884: 1HT, 10PT
Phyllobius turensis Korotyaev & Egorov, XXXX: 1PT
Phyllobius verae Korotyaev, 1984: 2PT
Phyllobius viridaeris var. pseudochlorizans Reitter, 1902: 1HT, 3PT
Phytobius zumpti: Wagner, 1939: 2PT
Phytonomus adspersiformis Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 1PT
Phytonomus bodoi Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Phytonomus campestris Petri, 1901: 1HT, AT
Phytonomus carinaerostris Petri, 1901: 1HT
Phytonomus consimilis Faust, 1884: 1PT
Phytonomus creticus Csiki, 1915: 1HT
Phytonomus horvathi Csiki, 1904: 1HT
Phytonomus rogenhoferit var. caesius Petri, 1901: 1PT
Phytonomus tenuicornis Petri, 1901: 1HT
Phytonomus tenuirostris Petri, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Phytonomus triangularis Petri, 1901: 1MT
Phytonomus turkomanus Petri, 1901: 1HT
Phytonomus validus Petri, 1901: 1HT, 1PT
Phytonomus variabilis var. decoratus Petri, 1901: 1HT, 7PT
Phytonomus viridis Reitter, 1906: 1HT, 2PT
Phytoscaphus chlorotisoides Voss, 1956: 1PT
Piazomias desgodinsi Frivaldszky, 1892: 1HT
Piazomias faldermanni Faust, 1890: 5PT
Piazomias fausti Frivaldszky, 1892: 1HT, 1PT
Piazomias trapezicollis Frivaldszky, 1892: 1HT
Piezocnemus carinthiacus: K. & J. Daniel, 1898: 2PT
Pimelorrhinus globatus Reitter, 1915: 1MT
Pissodes irroratus Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Plagiographus fasciculosus Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 1PT
Platygasteronyx spinitalus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Platymycterus peregrinus Bajtenov, XXXX: 1HT
Platytarsus subnudus Seidlitz, 1868: 1PT
Plinthus amplicollis Meregalli, 1983: 1HT, 2PT
Plinthus angustus Reitter, 1906: 1HT
Plinthus confusus Meregalli, 1983: 15PT
Plinthus dardanicus Meregalli, XXXX: 2PT
Plinthus faldermanni Faust, 1884: 1PLT
Plinthus fallax ssp. oblongus Meregalli, XXXX: 5PT
Plinthus fausti Reitter, 1884: 1LT, 1PLT, 1PT
Plinthus gagrensis Meregalli, 1983: 3PT
Plinthus gebiensis Reitter, 1909: LT
Plinthus gebiensis Reitter, 1909: 1PT
Plinthus helenae Davidian, 1992: 1LT, 2PLT
Plinthus illotus ssp diversesculptus Meregalli, 1983: 2PT
Plinthus irroratus Reitter, 1884: 8PT
Plinthus kubanicus Meregalli, 1983: 3PT
Plinthus latipennis Meregalli, 1983: 2PT
Plinthus lelderi Meregalli, 1983: 1HT
Plinthus meregallii Davidian, 1992: 2PT
Plinthus merkli Frivaldszky, 1894: 1HT, 2PT
Plinthus minor Meregalli, 1983: 3PT
Plinthus pseudostarcki Meregalli, 1983: 11PT
Plinthus ronchetti Reitter, 1900: 1HT
Plinthus rosti Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Plinthus strejceki Meregalli, 1983: 1PT
Plinthus voriseki Meregalli, 1983: 2PT
Plinthus voriseki ssp. scabrior Meregalli, XXXX: 5PT
Polydrosus abeillei Desbrochers, 1869: 2PT
Polydrosus alaiensis Faust, 1891: 1PT
Polydrosus asturianus Stierlin, 1884: 1PT
Polydrosus delagrangei Desbrochers,1892: 1PT
Polydrosus deplanatus Schilsky, 1910: 1HT
Polydrosus elegans Reitter, 1887: 1HT, 6PT
Polydrosus graecus Stierlin, 1884: 1HT
Polydrosus ibericus Stierlin, 1884: 2PT
Polydrosus impar var. vranicensis Reitter, 1905: 1HT, 1PT
Polydrosus inustus var. picticornis Reitter, 1889: 1HT, 1PT
Polydrosus julianus Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 1PT
Polydrosus karamani Stierlin, 1884: 1HT, 1PT
Polydrosus korbi Reitter, 1908: 1HT, 5PT
Polydrosus mariae Faust, 1892: 2PT
Polydrosus marmoreus Reitter, 1889: 1HT
Polydrosus mecedanus Reitter, 1908: 1HT
Polydrosus pictus Stierlin, 1884: 1HT
Polydrosus pilifer var. talyschensis Reitter, 1899: 1HT, 2PT
Polydrosus pliginskii Reitter, 1910: 1LT, 7PLT
Polydrosus prasinus Reitter, 1899: 1HT, 9PT
Polydrosus reitteri Stierlin, 1884: 1HT, 1PT
Polydrosus sciaphiliformis Apfelbeck, 1898: 1PT
Polydrosus starcki Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 1PT
Polydrosus turanensis Faust, 1891: 1PT
Polydrusus abbreviatus Desbrochers, 1871: 2PT
Polydrusus reitteri Kirsch, 1879: 1HT, 3PT
Poophagus subnudus Reitter, 1889: 1HT
Psalidimomphus breiti Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Psalidium affine Fleischer, 1914: 1HT
Psalidium reitteri Fleischer, 1914: 1HT
Pselactus spadix ssp. problematicus Folwaczny, XXXX: 3PT
Pseudorchestes abdurakhmanovi Korotyaev, XXXX: 2PT
Pseudorchestes araxicola Korotyaev, XXXX: 1PT
Pseudorchestes asiaticus A. Legalov, XXXX: 1PT
Pseudorchestes xeranthemi Korotyaev, XXXX: 2PT
Pseudostyphlus orthochaetinus Reitter,1916: 1HT
Pseudotiorhynchus podlussanyi Magnano, 1999: 1HT
Ptochella gudini Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Ptochus csikii Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 8PT
Ptochus csikii Reitter, 1915: 1LT, 1PLT
Ptochus eurynotus Reitter, 1915: 1LT, 1PLT, 6PT
Ptochus hauseri Faust, 1887: 4PT
Ptochus impressicollis Faust, 1881: 3PT
Ptochus inaffectatus Voss, 1956: 1PT
Ptochus lateralis Chevrolat, 1880: 1LT, 1PLT
Ptochus marquardti Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 2PT
Ptochus minimus Formánek, 1905: 1PT
Ptochus nigropilosus Reitter, 1906: 1LT, 2PLT
Ptochus obliquesignatus Reitter, 1906: 1HT, 4PT
Ptochus potanini Reitter, 1906: 1MT
Ptochus vittatus Reitter, 1898: 1MT
Raymondionymus reitteri Ganglbauer, 1906: 2PT
Rhinodontus ignarus Faust, 1890: 4PT
Rhinomias austriacus Reitter, 1894: 1HT, 6PT
Rhinomias dieckmanni Košťál, 1987: 1PT
Rhinomias peneckei Reitter, 1894: 1HT, 3PT
Rhinoncomimus latipes Korotyaev, 1997: 1PT
Rhynchaenus arcticus Korotyaev, XXXX: 2PT
Rhynchaenus circumvistulanus P. Bialooki, 1997: 2PT
Rhynchaenus erythropus ab. uniformis Reitter, 1916: 1HT,4PT
Rhynchaenus flavicornis Dieckmann, 1959: 1HT
Rhynchaenus forcipubens Reitter, 1911: 1HT
Rhynchaenus furculatus Reitter, 1911: 1HT, 1PT
Rhynchaenus kaszabi Dieckmann, 1959: 1HT, 2PT
Rhynchaenus parvidens Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Rhynchaenus persimilis Reitter, 1911: 1HT, 5PT
Rhynchaenus subcinereus Reitter, 1911: 1HT
Rhynchaenus subfarinus Reitter, 1911: 1HT
Rhynchaenus turangi Bajtenov, XXXX: 2PT
Rhyncolus angusticollis Reitter, 1896: 1HT
Rhyncolus nigripes Reitter, 1901: 1HT
Rhytidosomus dentipes Reitter, 1885: 1HT
Rhytidosomus filirostris Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 2PT
Rhytirhinus boehmi Desbrochers, 1910: 1HT, 2PT
Rhytirhinus compressipennis Desbrochers, 1910: 2PT
Rhytirhinus elongatus Desbrochers, 1911: 1PT
Rhytirhinus luciae Ragusa, 1883: 6PT
Rhytirhinus moroderi Desbrochers, 1910: 3PT
Rhytirhinus nevadensis Desbrochers, 1910: 3PT
Rhytirhinus rudolfi Desbrochers, 1910: 5PT
Sablones setosus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Scepticus noxius Faust, 1886: 1HT
Sciaphilus albilaterus Faust, 1882: 1PT
Sciaphilus claviceps Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 9PT
Sciaphilus hispidus Faust, 1882: 1PT
Sciaphilus reitteri Stierlin, 1884: 1HT, 1PT
Sciaphobus albanicus Csiki, 1940: 1HT, 6PT
Scythropus variabilis Desbrochers, 1889: 3PT
Sharpia inconspecta Faust, 1881: 2PT
Sibinia beckeri var. subfrater Voss, 1957: 1PT
Sibinia lactaria Reitter, 1896: LT
Sibinia ochraceosquamosa Voss, 1957: 1PT
Sibinia reitteri Desbrochers, 1895: 1HT, 2PT
Sibinia turcomanica Reitter, 1896: ST
Sibinia ventralis Schilsky, 1911: 1PT
Sitona adanensis Reitter, 1908: 1HT
Sitona albolineatus Reitter, 1902: 1HT
Sitona araxidis Formánek, 1893: 1HT
Sitona araxidis var. unicolor Formánek, 1898: 1HT
Sitona bosnicus Apfelbeck, 1899: 1PT
Sitona crinita var. albocrinita Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Sitona crinita var. densata Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 10PT
Sitona crinita var. nigrocrinita Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Sitona cylindricollis var. sieversi Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Sitona formaneki Reitter, 1903: 1LT, 11PLT
Sitona götzelmanni: Solari, 1909: 1HT, 2PT
Sitona lineella var. crinitoides Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Sitona maroccanus Stierlin, 1885: 1HT
Sitona melitensis Reitter, 1894: 1HT, 1PT
Sitona ragusai Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Sitona sekerae Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Sitona stierlini Reitter, 1903: 1LT, 10PLT
Sitona sulcifrons var. anguotrifrons Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 2PT
Sitona versicolor Faust, 1887: 1PT
Sitonapterus sitonoides Reitter, 1913: 1MT
Sitones reitteri Stierlin, 1886: 1MT
Smicronyx brenskei Faust, 1887: 1HT
Smicronyx kubanensis Reitter, 1888: 1HT
Smicronyx syriacus Faust, 1887: 1HT, 3PT
Smicronyx tartaricus Faust, 1886: 4PT
Stephanocleonus grumi Suvorov, 1912: 1PT
Stereonychus agulicollis Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Stethelasma paradoxum Frivaldszky, 1884: 1HT
Stolatus horridus Reitter, 1890: 1HT, 9PT
Stomodes angustatus Stierlin, 1872: 1HT
Stomodes convexicollis: Miller, 1880: 1HT, 4PT
Stomodes periteliformis Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 1PT
Stomodes rotundicollis Frivaldszky, 1880: 1HT, 2PT
Strophomorphus araxidis Reitter, 1895: 2PLT
Strophomorphus ctenotoides Pelletier, 1999: 2PT
Strophomorphus fausti Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Strophomorphus insignatus Reitter, 1907: 1LT, 3PLT
Strophomorphus irroratus Faust, 1887: 1HT, 4PT
Strophomorphus oertzeni Reitter, 1889: 1PT
Strophomorphus perrinae Pelletier, 1999: 3PT
Strophomorphus subciliatus Reitter, 1895: 1HT
Strophomorphus virescens Faust, 1885: 1PT
Strophosomus atlanticus Stierlin, 1885: 3PT
Strophosomus globulus Seidlitz, 1870: 1PT
Strophosomus pusillus Stierlin, 1885: 1PT
Strophosomus reitteri Stierlin, 1885: 1HT
Strophosomus sagittaeformis Desbrochers, 1895: 6PT
Strophosomus umbilicatus Flach, 1907: 2PT
Styphlidius corcyreus var. italicus Osella, 1979: 4PT
Styphlotychius puncticollis Reitter, 1873: LT
Styphlus bedeli Reitter, 1899: 1HT
Styphlus extensis Chevrolat, 1880: 1HT
Styphlus lederi Chevrolat, 1880: 1HT, 4PT
Taenophthalmus rufipes Zumpt, 1939: 1HT, 5PT
Tanymecus fausti Reitter, 1889: 1MT
Tanymecus kricheldorffi Reitter, 1915: 1HT
Tanymecus montandoni Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 4PT
Tanymecus pubirostris Reitter, 1903: 1HT, 1PT
Tanymecus telephus Reitter, 1903: 1MT
Tanymecus tenuis Reitter, 1903: 1MT
Theanellus bagoides Reitter, 1912: 1HT
Theodorinus transcaucasicus Korotyaev, 1989: 2PT
Thomsoneonymus amplicollis Desbrochers, 1902: 3PT
Thylacites brevinasus Desbrochers, 1896: 1PT
Thylacites congener Desbrochers, 1871: 1PT
Thylacites costulatus Desbrochers, 1893: 4PT
Thylacites cribricollis Desbrochers, 1871: 2PT
Thylacites exiguus Faust, 1887: 1HT, 2PT
Thylacites intermissus Desbrochers, 1903: 1HT
Thylacites modestus Desbrochers, 1896: 1HT
Thylacites preciosus Schaufuss, 1861: 1PT
Thylacites punicus Desbrochers, 1871: 1PT
Thylacites reitteri Desbrochers, 1903: 1HT
Thylacites vitticollis Desbrochers, 1896: 2PT
Torneuma longipenne Pic, 1910: 2PT
Torneuma théryi Desbrochers, 1889: 8PT
Torneuma zoufali Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trachodes elongatus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 10PT
Trachodes oblongus Reitter, 1888: 1HT, 11PT
Trachyphilus saluber Faust, 1887: 3PT
Trachyphloeus bosnicus Apfelbeck, 1898: 1PT
Trachyphloeus elephas Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Trachyphloeus globicollis Stierlin, 1895: 3PT
Trachyphloeus globipennis Reitter, 1894: 1HT
Trachyphloeus maroccanus Stierlin, 1885: 1HT, 1PT
Trachyphloeus neglectus Borovec, 1989: 1HT, 12PT
Trachyphloeus orbipennis Desbrochers, 1901: 12PT
Trachyphloeus pericarti Borovec, 1989: 5PT
Trachysoma alpinum Penecke, 1894: 2ST
Trichalophus albonotatus ab. bistriola Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus albonotatus ab. rubripes Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Trichalophus cinereus ab. conexus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 4PT
Trichalophus ferganensis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 8PT
Trichalophus globicollis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Trichalophus incarinatus Reitter, 1913: 1MT
Trichalophus inermis Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus juldusanus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 2PT
Trichalophus latefasciatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 3PT
Trichalophus lentus ab. subarrogans Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 3PT
Trichalophus multivittatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus nigrofemoratus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus ocularis Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus pubifer Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Trichalophus quadripunctatus ab. compactus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus regularis Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus rudis ab. sexmaculatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus vittatoides ab. lineato-maculatus Reitter, 1913: 1HT
Trichalophus vittatoides Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 12PT
Trichalophus vittatoides var. interruptus Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Trichalophus vittatoides var. striola ab. uniformis Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 4PT
Trichalophus vittatoides var. striola Reitter, 1913: 1HT, 1PT
Troglorrhynchus argus Reitter, 1896: 1HT, 4PT
Troglorrhynchus brixiensis Osella, 1983: 1PT
Troglorrhynchus myops Reitter, 1882: 1HT, 1PT
Tropiphorus alophoides: K.& J. Daniel, 1898: 3PT
Tropiphorus caesius Frivaldszky, 1879: 1HT, 2PT
Tropiphorus serbicus Reitter, 1901: 1MT
Tychius affinis Becker, 1864: 1HT
Tychius astragali Becker, 1862: 1PT
Tychius banfii Caldara, 1990: 1PT
Tychius breviusculus Desbrochers, 1873: 1PT
Tychius depressus Desbrochers, 1873: 1PT
Tychius franzi Caldara, 1985: 4PT
Tychius klapperichi Voss, 1957: 1PT
Tychius medius Desbrochers, 1895: 1PT
Tychius mongolicus Csiki, 1901: 2PT
Tychius oblongiusculus Desbrochers, 1908: 4PT
Tychius pinnai Caldara, 1990: 1PT
Tychius quinquepunctatus ab. connexus Reitter, 1916: 1HT
Tychius reichei Faust, 1890: 1HT
Tychius reitteri Faust, 1889: 1PLT
Tychius sefrensis Pic, 1896: 1PT
Ubichia leonhardi Reitter, 1914: 1HT, 1PT
Urometopus jelineki Fremuth, 1987: 1PT
Urometopus reitteri Fremuth, 1989: 4PT
Valichanoria kostini Bajtenov, XXXX: 1PT
Xenotychius strigicollis Reitter, 1897: 1MT
Xylinophorus fortimanus Reitter, 1916: 1HT, 6PT
Xylinophorus massagetus Faust, 1887: 1HT, 2PT
Zaisania arachnoides Suvorov, 1912: 1PT


Anthonomus convictus Gates, 1972: 1PT
Anthonomus major Brown, 1966: 2PT
Anthonomus pumilae Brown, XXXX: 2PT
Bagous lunatoides O’ Brien, XXXX: 10PT
Ceutorhynchus magnalis Colonnelli, 1995: 1PT
Dorytomus columbianus Sleeper, 1955: 1PT
Hexarthrum thujae Brown, 1966: 2PT
Hylobius warreni Wood, 1957: 1PT
Ophryastes mixtus: Kissinger, 1970: 1PT
Pandeleteinus subcancer A. T. Howden, XXXX: 2PT
Pandeleteius attenautus A. T. Howden, XXXX: 1PT
Pandeleteius campelli A. T. Howden, XXXX: 5PT
Pandeleteius hercules A. T. Howden, XXXX: 1PT
Perigaster longirostris Buchaman, 1931: 1PT
Rhinanisus chisosensis O’ Brien, XXXX: 1PT
Rhyncolus macrops Buchanan, 1946: 2PT
Trigonoscuta dorothea Pierce, XXXX: 1PT
Tyloderma capitale Wibmer, 1981: 1PT
Tyloderma caseyi Wibmer, 1981: 1PT
Tyloderma marshalli Wibmer, 1981: 1PT
Tyloderma oenotherae Wibmer, 1981: 1PT


Alcidodes delicatulus Haaf, 1960: 1PT
Alcidodes fulvocinctus Marshall, XXXX: 1PT
Alcidodes sparsus ssp. decretus Haaf, 1959: 2PT
Alcidodes vitellus Haaf, XXXX: 2PT
Amicroplontus aequatorialis Colonnelli, 1983: 1HT
Anchonidium baloghi Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 5PT
Anchonidium distinctum Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 1PT
Aphyonotus sodalis Faust, 1895: 1PT
Aphyonotus zophosioides Faust, 1895: 3PT
Bagous polysignatus Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 10PT
Baris endroedy Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 4PT
Blosyrus obliquatus ssp. interpositus Haaf, XXXX: 10PT
Blosyrus pictus Haaf, XXXX: 1PT
Blosyrus scopulifer ssp. impar Haaf, XXXX: 7PT
Brachycerus brittoni Haaf, XXXX: 3PT
Brachycerus gibbosus Haaf, 1957: 1PT
Brachycerus imitator Haaf, XXXX: 1PT
Brachycerus manifestus Haaf, XXXX: 1PT
Brachycerus prodigus Haaf, XXXX: 1PT
Brachycerus tutus Haaf, XXXX: 1PT
Brachycerus vulsus Haaf, XXXX: 1HT
Cyphosenus uncipus Colonnelli, 1983: 1HT
Dryophthorus kaszabi Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 15PT
Dysommatus patrizii Osella, 1977: 1PT
Egriodes ephippiger Colonnelli, 1981: 1HT
Egriodes gibbosus Colonnelli, 1981: 1HT, 3PT
Gasteroclisus villiersi Hoffmann, XXXX: 1PT
Hypegrius rubidus Colonnelli, 1981: 1HT
Hypohypurus sibitiensis Hoffmann, 1968: 2PT
Isaniris kindambae: Hoffman, 1968: 1HT, 9PT
Lioxyonyx endroedi Colonnelli, 1983: 1HT, 3PT
Lioxyonyx plumipes Colonnelli, 1983: 1HT, 3PT
Macrocorynus bechynei Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Macrocorynus subplateosus Voss, XXXX: 2PT
Micrelus saetiger Colonnelli, 1980: 1HT,4PT
Micrelus szunyoghyi Colonnelli,1983: 1HT, 18PT
Microcopes zicsii Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 21PT
Myllocerops vonguensicus var. perviridis Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 16PT
Myllocerus incanus Voss, XXXX: 5PT
Neomias oreadum Colonnelli, 1978: 1PT
Neomias sublimis Colonnelli, 1978: 1PT
Ophthalmorychus descarpentriesi Hoffmann, XXXX: 1PT
Oplitoxyonyx tuberculatus Colonnelli, 1983: 1HT
Orchestes fouariensis Hoffmann, 1968: 1HT, 2PT
Pericartius haematopus Colonnelli, 2001: 1HT, 1PT
Phyllobius parcus Voss, XXXX: 4PT
Polydrosus zumpti Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Rhamphus amplipennis Korotyaev, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Rhamphus kaszabi Korotyaev, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Sibinia problematica Caldara, 1987: 1PT
Synthocus ornithoglossi Marshall, XXXX: 3PT
Trachyphloeus nodifrons: Hoffman, 1968: 1HT, 20PT
Tricholioxyonyx hispidus Colonnelli, 1980: 1HT, 4PT
Tricholioxyonyx kaszabi Colonnelli, 1981: 1HT
Tychius decellei Caldara, 1987: 18PT
Tychius endroedii Caldara, 1987: 1PT


Chlorophanus rufipes Voss, 1931: 1PT
Dermatoxenus sexnodosus Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Leptomias indicus Pajni, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Leptomias saurbhi Pajni, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Myllocerus alternans Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Orthomias notaexcavatus Pajni, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Strophosomoides pahalgamensis Pajni, XXXX: 1HT, 1PT
Sympiezomias cicatricollis Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Sympiezomias consobrinus Voss, XXXX: 1PT
Sympiezomias variabilis Voss, 1932: 1PT

AUSTRAL SPECIES (not finished)

Omophorus biroi Voss, 1960: 1HT

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