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This is a simple list of Histeridae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype


Abraeomorphus minutissimus Reitter – HT, 7 PT
Abraeomorphus punctulus Reitter – HT
Abraeus areolatus  Reitter – HT, 2PT
Abraeus convexus Reitter – HT, 2 PT
Abraeus granulum Reitter – HT, PT
Abreus brevissimus Roubal – PT
Acritus clarulus Reitter – HT
Acritus hopffgarteni Reitter – HT, PT
Acritus italicus Reitter – HT, 2PT
Acritus rhenanus Fuss – HT
Acritus tataricus Reitter – HT, 5PT
Anapleus raddei Reitter – HT, 2PT
Bacanius medvidovici Reitter – HT, 2PT
Carcinops fuentei Reitter – HT
Dendrophilus xavieri  Marseul – PT
Eretmotus palumboi  Ragusa – PT
Eretmotus talyschensis Reitter – HT
Gnathoncus potanini  Reitter – HT
Gnathoncus punctator Reitter –HT
Gnathoncus schmidti Reitter – HT
Gnathoncus subsuturalis  Reitter – HT
Gnathoncus suturifer Reitter – HT
Gnathoncus urganensis Reitter – HT
Hetaerius setulosus Reitter – HT
Hister atticus Schmidt – 2PT
Hister czikanni Csiki – HT, PT
Hister lineimargo Reitter – HT, PT
Hister prometheus Kryzhanovskiy – PT
Hister subalutaceus Reitter – HT, 3PT
Homalister ornatus Reitter – HT, PT
Hypocacculus virens Dahlgren – HT, PT
Margarinotus bickhardti Reitter – HT, 9PT
Margarinotus reichardti Kryzhanovskiy – PT
Margarinotus weymarni Wenzel – 3PT
Notodoma fungorum Lewis – 2PLT
Notodoma lewisi Reitter – HT, 2PT
Onthophilus bickhardti Reitter – MT
Onthophilus caucasicus Reitter – HT, 2PT
Onthophilus cicatricosus Reitter – HT, 7 PT
Paromalus filum Reitter – MT
Pholioxenus gobicus  Kryzhanovskij – PT
Platysoma lewisi Marseul – PT
Platysoma nilotica Reitter – MT
Platysoma sibiricum Reitter – HT
Plegaderus marseuli Reitter – HT, PT
Saprinus aegialius Reitter – MT
Saprinus arcanus Reichadt – PT
Saprinus arnoldi Kryzhanovskij – 2PT
Saprinus binaevulus Reitter – MT
Saprinus brenskei Reitter – HT, PT
Saprinus brunnensis Fleischer – HT
Saprinus centralis Dahlgren – PT
Saprinus divergens Dahlgren – HT
Saprinus duplicatus Dahlgren – 14PT
Saprinus duriculus Reitter – HT
Saprinus foveisternus Schmidt – MT, PT
Saprinus genitalis Reichardt – PT
Saprinus innesbeyi Reitter – HT
Saprinus kaszabianus Dahlgren –HT
Saprinus laevidorsis Reitter – HT
Saprinus laterimargo Reitter – MT
Saprinus mimulus Reitter – HT
Saprinus netuschili Reitter – HT, PT
Saprinus pilimargo Reitter – HT
Saprinus pseudognathoncus Reitter – MT
Saprinus pseudolautus  Reitter – HT, 2 PT
Saprinus refector Reitter – HT, PT
Saprinus schatzmayri Müller – 2PT
Saprinus schmidtianus Reitter – HT, PT
Saprinus semiopacus Schmidt – LT
Saprinus spermax ab. kaszabi Thérond – HT, 4PT
Saprinus stussineri Reitter – HT, PT
Saprinus syphax Reitter – HT
Saprinus therondianus Dahlgren – HT, 26PT
Satrapes reitteri Lewis – PT
Spathochus coyei var. nigrinus Reitter – HT
Teretrius acaciae Reitter – HT, 2 PT
Triballodes acritoides Reitter – MT


Abaeletes coomani  Gomy – HT
Abraeomorphus topali Gomy – HT
Acritodes cinghalanus Gomy – HT
Acritus quilleroni Gomy – HT, 10PT
Chaetobacanius cinghalanus Gomy – HT


Abraeomorphus novae-guineae Thérond – HT, PT
Abraeomorphus semiellipticus Thérond – HT
Acritus angoramensis Gomy - HT
Acritus erimae Gomy – HT
Acritus novae-guineae Gomy –HT
Aeletodes minus Gomy – HT
Anapleus biroi Thérond – HT
Bacanius baloghi Gomy – HT, 2PT
Bacanius kaszabi Gomy – HT
Bacanius nobleti Gomy – HT
Bacanius wauensis Gomy – HT, 52PT
Chaetobacanius papua Gomy –HT, 2PT
Chaetobacanius therondi Gomy – HT
Chlamidopsis baloghi Caterino – HT
Chlamidopsis wenzeli Caterino – PT
Epiechinus cavisternus Bickhardt – MT
Epiechinus planisternus Bickhardt – MT
Eulomalus coomani Thérond – HT, PT
Nicotikis maori Bickhardt – MT
Teretriosoma novae-guineae Bickhardt – HT, PT


Abraeus durandi Thérond – 11PT
Acritus csikii  Bickhardt – HT, PT
Acritus discreminatus Thérond – HT, PT
Acritus endroedyi Thérond – HT, 8PT
Acritus granuliformis Thérond –  1HT, 402PT
Acritus impressisternus Bickhardt –HT, PT
Acritus namibiensis Thérond et Vienna – 10PT
Bacanius leleupi Thérond – 3PT
Bacanius quartus Thérond – HT
Chaetabraeus muelleri Thérond  – HT
Cyclobacanius caesarius Yélamos – 9PT
Cyclobacanius depressus Yélamos – HT
Cyclobacanius ghanaensis Yélamos – HT, 7PT
Cyclobacanius kavieri Yélamos – PT
Cyclobacanius merkli Yélamos – HT
Diplostix gomyi subrectestriata Vienna – HT, 29PT
Epitoxus paralellistrius Yélamos – PT
Epitoxus uhligi Yélamos – PT
Hister berardi Desbrochers – PT
Hister csikii Bickhardt – MT
Paratropus (Orphistes ) persimilis Kanaar – PT
Paratropus (Orphistes) connectens Kanaar – PT
Paratropus (Orphistes) girardi Kanaar – 3PT
Paratropus achanti Thérond – HT
Paratropus arriagadai Kanaar – HT
Paratropus baloghi Kanaar – HT, PT
Paratropus endrodyi Thérond – HT, 2PT
Paratropus fungorum occidentis Kanaar – 8PT
Paratropus gomyi  Kanaar – HT, 8PT
Paratropus kryzhanovskii Kanaar - HT, 26PT
Paratropus oharai Kanaar – PT
Paratropus penatii Kanaar – PT
Paratropus tuberculisternum Kanaar – PT
Paratropus wibbechienae Kanaar – 2PT
Paratropus zicsii Kanaar – HT, 4PT
Platylister congoensis  Thérond –HT
Tribalus impressibasis Bickhardt – HT
Tribalus kaszabi Thérond – HT


Margarinotus lecontei Wenzel – 2PT
Saprinus malkini Wenzel – PT


Bacanius ferrugineus Bickhardt – PT
Kaszabister mahunkai Mazur – HT 

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