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This is a simple list of Latridiidae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype, #  = information see below the list of types

Aridius latumeris W. Rücker, 1978: 1HT, 1PT
Aridius vietnamensis W. Rücker, 1978: 1HT
Bicava argenteola W. Rücker, 1989: 1HT, 9PT
Bicava cervina W. Rücker, 1989: 1HT, 12PT
Bicava globosa W. Rücker, 1989: 1PT
Cartodere adonis W. Rücker, 2006: 1HT, 2PT
Cartodere lobatus W. Rücker, 2006: 3PT
Coninomus apfelbecki Reitter, 1901: 1HT, 5PT
Corticaria aequalis Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 5PT
Corticaria atricollis Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 4PT
Corticaria beloni Reitter, 1889: 1HT, 4PT
Corticaria bengaliensis W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 13PT
Corticaria bengaliensis W. Rücker, 1977: 26PT
Corticaria breviata W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 8PT
Corticaria cagnata W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 3PT
Corticaria canariensis Johnson, 1979: 1PT
Corticaria convexa Reitter, 1880: 1HT
Corticaria corsica Brisout, 1878: 3LT
Corticaria cucujiformis Reitter, 1880: 1HT, 2PT
Corticaria dentiventris Poppius, 1902: 3PT
Corticaria diecki Reitter, 1875: 1HT
Corticaria fasciata Reitter, 1877: 1HT
Corticaria fastigata W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 6PT
Corticaria globicollis W. Rücker, 1989: 2PT
Corticaria ikarus W. Rücker, 1998: 1HT, 1PT
Corticaria illaesiformis Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 1PT
Corticaria japonica Reitter, 1877: 1HT
Corticaria kaufmanni Reitter, 1880: 1HT
Corticaria laertes W. Rücker, 1998: 28PT
Corticaria luchti W. Rücker, 1985: 5PT
Corticaria metallica Reitter, 1874: 1HT
Corticaria obscuripes Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 1PT
Corticaria olympica Reitter, 1875: 1HT, 1Type
Corticaria ornata Reitter, 1877: 1HT
Corticaria ovicollis Reitter, 1887: 1LT, 2PLT
Corticaria ovipennis Reitter, 1887: 1LT, 6PLT
Corticaria perpulchra Reitter, 1892: 1LT, 6PT
Corticaria pharaonis Motschulsky, 1867: 1PT
Corticaria poseidon W. Rücker, 1998: 2PT
Corticaria solarii Reitter, 1904: 1HT, 2PT
Corticaria subpilosula Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 1PT
Corticaria thea Reitter, 1894: 1MT
Corticaria topali W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 2PT
Corticaria tunisiensis Brisout, 1884: 1HT
Corticaria weisei Reitter, 1875: 1HT
Corticarina acuta Johnson, 1972: 1PT
Corticarina arcuata W. Rücker, 1978: 1HT, 1PT
Corticarina excavata Johnson, 1976: 1PT
Corticarina johnsoni W. Rücker, 1978: 1HT, 12PT
Corticarina klapperichi Johnson, 1980: 2PT
Corticarina lobeliae Johnson, 1971: 1PT
Corticarina lutea W. Rücker, 1978: 1HT, 2PT
Corticarina montana Johnson, 1971: 1PT
Corticarina ovata W. Rücker, 1979: 1HT
Corticarina sororcula W. Rücker, 1980: 1PT
Corticarina szunyoghyi W. Rücker, 1979: 1HT, 34PT
Corticarina torrida Johnson, 1980: 1PT
Cortinicaria laticollis W. Rücker, 1989: 1PT
Cortinicaria melina W. Rücker, 1989: 2PT
Cortodere aequalis Reitter, 1887: 1HT, 2PT
Cortodere elegantula Reitter, 1890: 1HT
Cortodere forticostis Reitter, 1911: 1HT
Cortodere laticeps Reitter, 1884: 1HT
Cortodere pilifera Reitter, 1875: 1HT, 1PT
Cortodere schuppeli Reitter, 1880: 1HT
# Cortodere separanda Reitter, 1886: 1HT, 10PT
Cortodere subcostella Reitter, 1915: 1HT, 2PT
Dienerella adelphia W. Rücker, 1983: 1PT
Dienerella huguettae R. Vincent, 1991: 1HT, 1PT
Emicnus lederi Reitter, 1875: 1HT
Emicnus orientalis Reitter, 1877: 1HT
Emicnus subdola John, 1976: 13PT
Enicmus alutaceus Reitter, 1885: 1HT
Enicmus anatolicus Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Enicmus lederi Reitter, 1875: 1PT
Enicmus varendorffi Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Lathridius belonianus Reitter, 1889: 1HT, 8PT
Lathridius campicola Gerhardt, 1911: 2PT
Lathridius chinensis Reitter, 1877: 1HT
Lathridius ribynskii Reitter, 1894: 1HT, 2PT
Lathridius sahlbergi Reitter, 1894: 3PT
Lathridius semenowis Poppius, 1903: 2PT
Lathridius subnudus Reitter, 1898: 1HT, 1PT
Lathridiusbergrothi Reitter, 1880: 1HT
Latridius amplus Johnson, 1976: 1PT
Latridius klapperichi Johnson, 1976: 2PT
Melanophthalma albipilis Reitter, 1875: 1HT
Melanophthalma bifurculata W. Rücker, 1979: 1HT, 4PT
Melanophthalma endroedy W. Rücker, 1983: 1HT, 5PT
Melanophthalma inflexa W. Rücker, 1978: 1HT, 147PT
Melanophthalma moravica Reitter, 1875: 1HT
Melanophthalma nitida W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 68PT
Melanophthalma penai W. Rücker, 1977: 15PT
Melanophthalma pilosa W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 99PT
Melanophthalma pilosaformis W. Rücker, 1977: 1PT
Melanophthalma proximulata W. Rücker, 1979: 1HT, 110PT
Melanophthalma rectusa W. Rücker, 1983: 3PT
Melanophthalma sagitta W. Rücker, 1983: 12PT
Melanophthalma valida W. Rücker, 1977: 1HT, 12PT
Metophthalmus albofasciatus Reitter, 1891: 1HT, 1PT
Metophthalmus andrewi W. Rücker, C. Johnson, 2007: 4PT
Metophthalmus brenskei Reitter, 1884: 1HT, 1PT
Metophthalmus creticus Reitter, 1908: 1HT
Metophthalmus heiligi Reitter, 1908: 1HT, 2PT
Metophthalmus hispanicus Reitter, 1908: 1HT, 1PT
Metophthalmus humeridens Reitter, 1884: 1HT, 2PT
Metophthalmus kabylianus Chobaut, 1906: 2PT
Metophthalmus obesus Reitter, 1880: 1HT
Metophthalmus proximus Reitter, 1908: 1HT, 1PT
Metophthalmus ragusae Reitter, 1875: 1HT

The Cortodere separanda Reitter, 1886 HT is a PT of Dienerella huguettae R. Vincent, 1991 and one of Cortodere separanda Reitter, 1886 PT is a Dienerella huguettae R. Vincent, 1991 HT. The other C. separanda Reitter, 1886 PT's are PLT.

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