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This is a simple list of Rhipiphoridae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype

Evaniocera hauseri Reitter, 1903: 1HT
Evaniocera plumicornis Reitter, ,1898: 1HT, 1PT
Macrosiagon (Emenadia) palllidipennis Reitter, 1898: 1MT
Micropelecotomoides basipubens Pic, 1956: 1MT
Micropelecotomoides biroi Pic, 1956: 1MT
Micropelecotomoides biroi var. grandis
Pic, 1956: 1MT
Myiodes babadjanidesi Reitter, 1912: 1HT, 3PT
Pelecotoma fennica var. zoufali Fleischer, 1916: 12PT

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