Full day length trip to the Börzsöny Mountains with Petra and Nikola. We got to Király-rét at sunrise, to give chance for Nikola to take some early morning stack photos about some frozen insects.

Chill morning for Petra.

In the dewy grass: Nikola in action.

First stop at a sunny hillside.

Individuals of Acmaeodera degener (Scopoli, 1763) were sitting on yellow flowers.


Nice clearing on our way up to the Csóványos Mount.

Protaetia lugubris
(Herbst, 1786).

Beautiful view, but not many beetles around.

On the top an old and fungus-grown beech attracted interesting beetles and flies.

Melandrya caraboides (Linnaeus, 1761) from a fungusy log.

Females of Elateroides dermestoides (Linnaeus, 1761) were swarming.

We wanted to find shady valleys with rich vegetation in the hope of capturing Denticollis rubens Piller et Mittelpacher, 1783. Only one record is known from the Börzsöny Mountains, from 1964. Finally, in the end of the day we arrived at a very dependable place, to the valley of Szén-stream.

After netting and beating the vegetation for half an hour, I finally spotted a female of Denticollis rubens Piller et Mittelpacher, 1783, sitting on a leaf.

Nikola checked this place on the next weekend, and he made pictures as well (photo: N. Rahmé).

He found a male at the same place. Denticollis rubens Piller et Mittelpacher, 1783 (photo: N. Rahmé).

Female of the more common Denticollis linearis (Linnaeus, 1758) with black elytra (photo: N. Rahmé).

Male of Denticollis linearis (Linnaeus, 1758) (photo: N. Rahmé).

(photo: N. Rahmé)

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