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This is a simple list of Lycidae types housed in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, without  literature references. The real status of the types was not studied, but it is almost certain that most of the Reitter's and other’s "holotypes" and "paratypes" are actually syntypes.

HT = holotype, PT = paratype, LT = lectotype, PLT = paralectotype,
MT = "monotype" AT = allotype, CT = cotype

Calopteron pusillum Kleine, 1943: 1HT, 5PT
Cautires profanus Kleine, 1943: 1HT, 1PT
Cladophorus tricoloratus Kleine, 1943: 1HT, 7PT
Dexoris minutus L. Bocák & M. Bocáková, 1986
Diatrichalus birói Kleine, 1943: 1MT
Dihammatus kubani M. Bocáková, 2000: 2PT
Emplectus subtilis Kleine, 1943: 1PT
Eniclases nigricornis L. Bocák & M. Bocáková, 1990: 1PT
Eniclases wanensis L. Bocák & M. Bocáková, 1990: 1PT
Euanoma starcki Reitter, 1881: 1MT
Homalisus (Phaeopterus) nigricornis Reitter, 1881: 1HT
Libnetis chinensis M. Bocáková, 2000: 2PT
Libnetis laosensis M. Bocáková, 2000: 2PT
Libnetis merkli M. Bocáková, 2000: 1HT
Lopholycus obtusus Kleine, 1943: 1MT
Lycostomus bourgeoisi Reitter, 1910: 1HT
Lycostomus bourgeoisi var. rufofemoratus Reitter, 1910: 1HT, 2PT
Lycostomus semiellipticus Reitter, 1910: 1HT
Malacolycus paulus Kleine, 1943: 1HT
Melaneros baloghi M. Bocáková, 1995: 1PT
Melaneros cordatus M. Bocáková, 1995: 1HT
Melaneros deflectus M. Bocáková, 1995: 1PT
Melaneros inflexus M. Bocáková, 1995: 1PT
Melaneros languidulus M. Bocáková, 1995: 1PT
Melaneros samuelsoni M. Bocáková, 1995: 2PT
Melaneros simplex M. Bocáková, 1995: 1PT
Merolycus externatus Kleine, 1943: 1HT
Merolycus inusitatus Kleine, 1943: 1HT
Merolycus parmatus Kleine, 1943: 1HT
Metriorrynchus rigidus Kleine, 1943: 1HT, 1PT
Metriorrynchus spectabilis Kleine, 1943: 1HT, 2PT
Plateros arcuatus L. Bocák & M. Bocáková, 1986
Plateros kaszabi Kleine, 1943: 1HT
Protaphes bistriatus Kleine, 1943: 1MT
Protaphes croceus Kleine, 1943: 1MT
Pseudeuanoma reitteri Pic, 1901: 1HT
Wakarumbia montana L. Bocák, 1999: 1PT
Wakarumbia petri L. Bocák, 1999: 1PT

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